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  • Vegan Burgers Recipe

    Proving burgers don’t have to clog the arteries. This amazing vegan burger recipe is from #TeamBulk ambassador @healthyliciousvegan, and whether you’re vegan or just keen to cut down on the meat you eat, this one is for you. Ingredients (makes 10 burgers) 500g cooked kidney beans 150g cooked Quinoa 1 red onion 2 cloves of […]

  • A Right Cracking Easter

    To most of us, Easter Sunday means: chocolate, nap, snack, repeat. Swiftly followed by a day of guilt-eating celery and kicking yourself for eating a whole Easter egg in record time. But what if this year, we make a promise to let go of the guilt? Here at BULK POWDERS, we’re making a vow to […]

  • Does Eating Late At Night Affect Your Waistline?

      There has been a myth circulating the health and fitness world for a while now that eating late at night causes us to gain weight. This article will discuss this concept, identify the truth, and give you some tips to avoid any unwanted weight gain! Explaining the Myth Naturally, when we go to sleep […]

  • Enjoying a Guilt-Free Summer BBQ

      It’s that time of year when we grasp every little bit of British sunshine to dust off the barbecue, have some friends over and enjoy some good food, good drinks and good company. Unfortunately though, BBQ season can be a little bit damaging to the waistline with the combination of alcohol, fatty meats, desserts […]

  • Sugar Swaps

      Do you want to cut down on your sugar intake in 2018? It’s easier than ever to make healthy changes to your diet. How Can Sugar Lead To Weight Gain? Sugar takes many forms (including fructose, lactose, and sucrose), but all types of sugar are pure carbohydrates. As such, it’s a very valuable source […]

  • How To Supercharge Your Everyday Meals With Healthy Nutrition

    Eating a healthy diet isn’t all about protein shakes and sports nutrition. Here’s how anyone can make tasty changes for health, energy, and weight loss. Healthy eating has come a long way. Talk of nutrition, food prep, and macros has made its way out of the gym and into everyday life. But how can regular […]