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  • Apricot & Cinnamon Oats Recipe

    Let’s face it, the same plain oats each morning can get a bit dull! This recipe from @healthyliciousvegan packs in seeds and fruit to give you a hit of fibre and flavour. The cinnamon also gives the oats a delicious warming feel, which is definitely needed now that the mornings are getting colder! Ingredients 1/2 cup […]

  • BULK POWDERS™ A – Z of ‘Superfoods’ you should add to your diet – Part 1 (A – G)

    Superfoods and their health benefits as part of a well balanced diet ‘Superfoods’ are classed as being nutrient-rich foods that are ‘especially beneficial for health and well-being’. Although the addition of a few ‘superfoods’ can’t compensate for the effects of an unhealthy diet, if your diet is well balanced and providing all the nutrients you […]