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  • Smarter Programming

      When you land at the gym – do you get stuck into a programme or do you train whatever feels good at the time? There is no golden rule when it comes to programming, as long as you’re progressing right? However, I often see a reoccurring pattern in the gym when people don’t have […]

  • Hitting the Gym: What to Focus on First

      It goes without mentioning, though it is a point that cannot be stressed enough: Different individuals hit the gym for differing reasons. For a sizeable chunk of first-time gym-goers, a strict fitness plan is merely part and parcel of a much-needed New Year’s Resolution. For others, a gym and fitness regimen could culminate into […]

  • Putting Fitness In Context: Real Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

      Be honest – do you compare yourself to other people’s gym selfies? I think we’ve all done it. Even if you’re not comparing yourself to someone’s Insta feed, chances are you measure your progress against someone in the gym… Measuring yourself against anyone else (especially someone’s social media “best bits”) can quickly lead to […]

  • New Year: Six Pack Goals

      I think it’s fair to say that one of the most common gym goals in the world is to have an aesthetic, lean looking six pack. So why hasn’t everyone got one that wants one? Well we need to focus on a couple of fundamental areas to achieve this goal – but first, let’s […]

  • Setting SMART Goals to Achieve The Body You Want

    If you have previously found time and time again you’re not achieving your desired results, setting yourself SMART goals could be your answer to reaching your fitness goals this year. Each component binds and builds on one-another and you need to tackle all five to be successful. SPECIFIC. First and foremost, establish yourself a clear […]