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  • The Many Benefits of Fibre: Are you getting enough?

      The effects of fibre were first described thousands of years ago with the famous Greek thinker Hippocrates noticing, in around 430BC, the different digestive system effects of coarse wheat when compared to more refined forms. Most people are aware that fibre is good for them and promotes the health of the gut, but in […]

  • Bloating | The Causes

      This may seem like quite an odd topic to write about initially, however I think there are some misconceptions about “bloating” which need to be cleared up. “Bloating” is quite frequently seen as a negative thing, or an insensitivity to food, however I want to take a look at this and hopefully help to […]

  • What Are Psyllium Husks?

    Psyllium Husks are a fantastic source of fibre, delivering approximately 80g fibre per 100g. That’s pretty good going! They are derived from the seed of the Plantago Ovata plant, which is found throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Why would you consume Psyllium husks? Digestion. We mentioned the high fibre content, right? One of the main […]