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  • Sport Nutrition Recovery Advice for Endurance Training

      After your endurance event, or a day of training ahead of your planned endurance event, you need to have your recovery strategies right! Poor recovery = Poor subsequent training = Reduced sports performance (a bad equation basically – so let’s not even entertain this possibility). In recovery we want to know about… Carbs Protein Alcohol […]

  • 5 Sports Nutrition Strategies for Endurance Events

      Sports nutrition advice for endurance events – before and during There are two important things you’ve got to know about when heading into an event and the reason they are important is because one of them is going to get you… it’s just which arrives first! So, these are: muscle glycogen depletion hypoglycaemia In […]

  • Carbohydrates for Endurance Performance

      Aerobic endurance is classed as the ability to exercise for long periods of time with the absence of fatigue. Therefore, it is important that athletes train and prepare appropriately for the demands of their event. This may be through the intensity or the volume of training. In terms of nutrition prior the event itself; […]

  • Marathon Nutrition

      The months of pounding the pavement, aching muscles, blisters and feelings of general fatigue are almost over; this Sunday (23rd April) sees over fifty thousand runners attempt to complete the London Marathon. The 26.2 mile marathon distance gives the elite athletes, club runners and fundraisers views of famous landmarks including Tower Bridge, Big Ben and […]

  • Simple Tips To Improve Your Triathlon Times | Part 1: Transition

      Whether you are competing or completing in triathlons, I am sure that a quicker time next to your name on the results list would be a welcome sight. For the elites and in sprint and Olympic distance races, the margins at the sharp end of the field can be a few seconds (I personally […]

  • Hitting the Gym: What to Focus on First

      It goes without mentioning, though it is a point that cannot be stressed enough: Different individuals hit the gym for differing reasons. For a sizeable chunk of first-time gym-goers, a strict fitness plan is merely part and parcel of a much-needed New Year’s Resolution. For others, a gym and fitness regimen could culminate into […]

  • Is Your Marathon Prep On Track?

      Training for a marathon is a daunting task and frankly, on several occasions in the build-up to race day, the thought of running over 26 miles can be perceived as an impossible task. Yet millions of people around the world achieve this feat every year. For me, the keys are self-belief and taking your […]

  • Your First Triathlon: Where To Start?

      So you have decided on entering a triathlon! First off, well done for deciding to push your boundaries and try a new sport (or three)!  If you are looking to get yourself up and running (after swimming and cycling of course), here are some helpful pointers for your first triathlon. Find a race You […]

  • Marathon Nutrition | Fuel Your Way To Marathon Success

      After many months of hard training, you won’t want to let your performance down on the big day by not getting your diet right in the final few days before. Before the event: On race day your main source of energy will be carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is stored both in the liver and muscle as […]