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  • Sport Nutrition Recovery Advice for Endurance Training

      After your endurance event, or a day of training ahead of your planned endurance event, you need to have your recovery strategies right! Poor recovery = Poor subsequent training = Reduced sports performance (a bad equation basically – so let’s not even entertain this possibility). In recovery we want to know about… Carbs Protein Alcohol […]

  • 5 Sports Nutrition Strategies for Endurance Events

      Sports nutrition advice for endurance events – before and during There are two important things you’ve got to know about when heading into an event and the reason they are important is because one of them is going to get you… it’s just which arrives first! So, these are: muscle glycogen depletion hypoglycaemia In […]

  • Carbohydrates for Endurance Performance

      Aerobic endurance is classed as the ability to exercise for long periods of time with the absence of fatigue. Therefore, it is important that athletes train and prepare appropriately for the demands of their event. This may be through the intensity or the volume of training. In terms of nutrition prior the event itself; […]

  • The Endurance Supplement Hit List

    Sports supplements aren’t just for athletes who train in a gym. If your sport is about the pool, the playing field, or the open road, you need to know which supplements can help you perform and recover. Endurance sport is a different beast. Just ask any runner, cyclist, or triathlete. As an endurance athlete, you […]

  • Nutrition to Maximise Endurance Training

    Endurance training is defined by rhythmically performing relatively low intensity contractions for a relatively long period of time. This can be included across many different sporting disciplines such as marathon training, triathlon training, swimming, cycling and even team sports. From a physiological standpoint, endurance training results from enhanced blood flow to the relevant muscles, enhanced […]

  • An Endurance Athlete’s Survival Foods

    I started obstacle racing 2 years ago after wanting to be like Lara Croft, show reeling an impressive collection of action moves and having a body good enough to wear shorts as tiny as hers……. 2 years on, I still cannot pull stunts like she does, nor do I wear short shorts, I also have 2 […]

  • Using supplements to improve endurance

    Supplements for endurance athletes BULK POWDERS™ recognise that endurance athletes can benefit from supplements just as much as strength athletes and bodybuilders. Our range of products that are suitable for endurance athletes was of great interest to one of our latest product ambassadors, Team Swift Cycling. Carbohydrates have been long recognised as a beneficial supplement […]