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  • The 9 Most Common Cutting Mistakes

      Are you dieting for a show, shoot, or summer holiday? Avoid these easy mistakes – and get shredded! Once you make the decision to diet down to a shredded physique, it can feel like the pressure is on – especially if you’ve set yourself the deadline of a social event, photoshoot, or even a […]

  • Fat Loss vs Weight Loss – Which to Monitor?

      Fat Loss VS Weight Loss: The Great Debate – Which Should You Monitor? One of, if not the most common goal trend we see within the fitness industry is “weight loss”. Weight loss is associated with a slimmer physique, a loss of fat and an increase in muscle tone. It’s also the main key […]

  • Finding the Right Diet for You

      The fitness industry is filled with hundreds of different types of diets which makes it hard to decipher which work and which don’t. By far, the most important thing to consider about your nutrition, is finding a method that suits you best, that you’ll be able to stick to for a prolonged amount of […]

  • How, When, And Why To Do A Reverse Diet

      You’ve been dieting down for a show or shoot… what’s next? Could reverse dieting be right for you? Anyone who’s ever dieted down to low levels of body fat (usually for a physique competition or a photoshoot) will know how tough it gets towards the end. This kind of dieting is totally different to […]

  • The Competition Diet | Top Tips From World Champion Bodybuilder Matt Argall

    As the new competitive bodybuilding season kicks off again, I thought in this article we could talk about the most important part of competing: the diet! Now, there are a million and one different ways of losing weight, but from a bodybuilding perspective, the ultimate aim is to be displaying very low levels of body […]

  • The Diet Trap (And How To Break Free)

    With spring upon us, the distant memories of New Year’s Resolutions dead and buried come back to haunt us. Even a few weeks ago it seemed like we might be able to live in winter clothes forever, but as daffodils poke their sunny faces through the cold earth, it dawns on you – I’m still […]

  • Healthy Ways to Treat a Sweet Tooth

    Does your sweet tooth threaten to derail your diet? Sweet cravings don’t have to be your downfall. Discover healthy ways to eat sweet! Snack on the go with a protein bar There are hundreds of protein bars to choose from but we really do think ours are the best choice. Not only do they satisfy […]

  • The Diet Revolution

    Revolution is a strong word, with strong connotations: Revolutionise: Change radically; make different; cause a transformation. The question that has to be asked before embarking on a dietary revolution is why are you doing it? Are you lacking in strength and power?  Are you carrying too much extra cushioning? Or are you simply aspiring for […]