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  • Zesty Berry Protein Cheesecake Recipe

    We were dazzled by Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition when she caused a stir with this Key Lime Pie Protein Cheesecake recipe. She’s now back with a slightly different recipe for a gorgeous summery Zesty Berry flavour. Mary Berry would be proud. Give it a bash. Instructions Base 1.) Place all the ingredients in a […]

  • Protein Key Lime Pie Recipe

    Our friend Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition swung by the BULK POWDERS™ macro kitchen and left this little delight: a delicious Protein Key Lime Pie recipe. It’s a really simple dessert, using our ‘protein flavour of the month’, Lemon Meringue Pure Whey Protein™. Instructions If you decide to make your own base instead of using […]

  • Apple Protein Pudding Recipe

    Summary Add a festive twist to some oats and create your own granola style Apple Protein Pudding, incorporating a scoop of our Pure Whey Protein™ (apple crumble flavour). This recipe packs over 35g of protein and 43g of slow-release carbs to keep you fueled while you unwrap all your presents… Instructions To make the granola: […]

  • 2 Ingredients Banana Protein Ice Cream

    Summary A creamy protein rich dessert that tastes better than anything from the health food shop! Instructions: 1) Peel and chop banana into even sized discs, freeze in a Tupperware box overnight 2) Put pieces into a food blender and pulse until the consistency of very soft ice cream (This can take a while, scrape […]