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  • Chocolate Caramel High Protein Mousse Recipe

    This will go down as one of the simplest recipes ever made and probably one of the tastiest! With 14g protein and 4g fibre per serving, this Chocolate Caramel High Protein Mousse is a great snack that is quick and easy to make and will keep you feeling full…until the next bowl. Instructions: 1.) Mix […]

  • Zesty Berry Protein Cheesecake Recipe

    We were dazzled by Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition when she caused a stir with this Key Lime Pie Protein Cheesecake recipe. She’s now back with a slightly different recipe for a gorgeous summery Zesty Berry flavour. Mary Berry would be proud. Give it a bash. Instructions Base 1.) Place all the ingredients in a […]

  • Protein Key Lime Pie Recipe

    Our friend Lindsay from Lean Bean Nutrition swung by the BULK POWDERS™ macro kitchen and left this little delight: a delicious Protein Key Lime Pie recipe. It’s a really simple dessert, using our ‘protein flavour of the month’, Lemon Meringue Pure Whey Protein™. Instructions If you decide to make your own base instead of using […]

  • Apple Protein Pudding Recipe

    Summary Add a festive twist to some oats and create your own granola style Apple Protein Pudding, incorporating a scoop of our Pure Whey Protein™ (apple crumble flavour). This recipe packs over 35g of protein and 43g of slow-release carbs to keep you fueled while you unwrap all your presents… Instructions To make the granola: […]

  • 2 Ingredients Banana Protein Ice Cream

    Summary A creamy protein rich dessert that tastes better than anything from the health food shop! Instructions: 1) Peel and chop banana into even sized discs, freeze in a Tupperware box overnight 2) Put pieces into a food blender and pulse until the consistency of very soft ice cream (This can take a while, scrape […]