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  • Fix Your Form | How Technique Builds Muscle, Strength and Health

      Form is all about the way that you move during an exercise. It’s about the positions you hit and how well you move. We’ve all admired someone for showing great form and smooth movements, but it’s about more than just looking pretty. Improving your form or technique will boost your results and keep you […]

  • 5 Unusual & Effective Back Exercises

      Your back is made up of some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the human body. Unfortunately it is often neglected in favour of chest exercises, but if you want to have an impressive upper body, it is essential you dedicate time to training your back. There are a number of different exercises […]

  • Accessory Exercises for Stronger Compound Lifts

      With such diversity in the ever-growing land of fitness, it’s clear everybody has different goals. Some people want legs that could crack coconuts (yes, someone has said this to me) while some want to be fast enough to catch the train we almost always nearly miss – we all have our own goals. However […]

  • Deadlifting for Beginners | What you need to know

      The number of individuals who have started incorporating deadlifts in their workout routines has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. These individuals range in all sizes, shapes and strengths. So the questions people are asking are: why is everyone doing it? How do I do it correctly? How can I vary my […]

  • 6 Ways To Limit Lower Back Pain Whilst Deadlifting

      I’m sure the large majority of us have been there at one time or another. You finish a set of deadlifts and find yourself bent forward clutching at your back struggling to straighten up. Sadly, for this reason the deadlift has gotten a bad reputation as a cause of many gym goer’s back pain! […]

  • How to Deadlift Correctly | Stephen Manuel

      The deadlift technique can be a little tricky to perfect, especially for beginners. With Stephen’s advice, you’ll gradually over time be able to lift more weight. But remember, safety first! Leave your ego at the door until you have the technique mastered. When performing the deadlift, it’s important to try and achieve a flat […]