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  • Creatine, Not Just For Growth

      Creatine is literally the most researched sports nutrition supplement out there. Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short term, high intensity exercise which makes it a core component of bodybuilders’ supplement stacks. It also comes with the advantages of being cheap, cheerful, essentially flavourless and very effective, what’s not to like!? Not […]

  • The most scientifically-backed supplements on the market

      One of the big marketing ploys for many supplements is to suggest that they are ‘clinically researched’, contain ‘clinically researched doses’ or have been scientifically ‘proven’ to be effective. The truth is something may have been clinically researched, but that doesn’t mean that research showed it had any effect. The supplement in question may […]

  • Creatine vs. Protein: Which is Better?

      Creatine and protein are inarguably the two most popular supplements amongst athletes, power-lifters and bodybuilders – and for good reason! Both offer tremendous benefits such as increased power output and aiding in muscle growth; something everybody wants! Though both creatine and protein are fantastic supplements to keep in your stack, neither is really “better” […]

  • What Is Creatine Loading?

      And should you be doing it? We already know that creatine is not just one of the most widely used (and researched) supplements. We also know that it works. But there’s still one question creatine users can’t agree on: should you load it, or just take a steady dose? Creatine 101 In case this […]

  • Nutrition for Body Types | Choose The Supplements That Are Right for You

      We’ve all heard about body type theory. But how does your body type affect the supplements you use? It’s time to find out. Body Types 101 The concept of somatotypes – body types – dates back to 1954 where it was set out in the book “Atlas of Men”, written by American psychologist William […]

  • The ABC of Vegan Supplements

    If I could add a kilo to my squat for every person who’s been concerned about my health, as a vegan, I’d be a very happy squatter today. The knee-jerk conclusion seems to be that if you’re not eating animal flesh you’ll inevitably end up deficient in so many essential nutrients. Yet, when asked, no […]

  • Flavoured Leucine and Creatine

    Unflavoured amino acid supplements aren’t for faint hearted. Have you tried unflavoured BCAA Powder? 🙂 They certainly have their place in your supplement arsenal, especially when you’re mixing them into protein shakes and smoothies. But on their own, the taste of some can be described as a little unpleasant. Instant BCAA, our best selling branched […]

  • What Creatine?

    Creatine has been extensively researched, and its benefit for increasing strength, gaining muscle and for high intensity training is unequivocal. In fact, The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (Buford et al, 2007) said, in its position paper on Creatine, that “creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Creatine

    Creatine is one of the most popular and most-researched supplements in the world. It is in the top three of most people’s ‘essential supplements list,’ but many are unaware of the creatine basics, such as what creatine is, different forms of creatine and how to use it. So we’ll start from the beginning…a beginner’s guide […]