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  • 4 Supplements To Support Sleep And Recovery

    Muscle, recovery and fat loss Sleep does more than make us feel good. It can have a massive impact on recovery, muscle gain and even fat loss. Here’s how to get better-quality shut-eye. Whatever rep range you train in, your CNS (central nervous system) is sure to take a battering at some point. Advanced lifters […]

  • Double Chocolate Casein Protein Pancakes

    Summary An incredible chocolate protein pancake stack with a double chocolate kicker and slow release casein protein – keeping you stronger for longer! Tuck in!   Instructions 1.) Heat a small frying pan on low with a small amount of coconut oil. Wipe excess off with kitchen paper. 2.) Mix all ingredients apart from dark […]

  • Power Probiotics – The role of probiotics on performance

    What do probiotics do? Probiotics are known to promote health and well-being and have been linked to a number of benefits such as immune health, improved digestion, weight loss and even brain health. However the link between probiotics and performance is not as well established. There may have been studies suggesting performance benefits due to […]