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  • Why You Should Be Using Instant Oats

      When it comes to sports nutrition, for many years carbohydrates were seen as the enemy to achieving a lean, toned and muscular physique. In recent years this myth has been dispelled, as carbohydrates are in fact a very important, and vital macronutrient for achieving your training goals. However, there are some carbohydrates that can […]

  • Carbs | Friend or Foe?

      Carbohydrates have been getting a pretty bad rap lately. The media leads us to believe that they are in some way “fattening” foods to eat and that any weight-loss efforts are doomed unless you choose to cut the carbs. This is unfortunate as all evidence points to the contrary as they are in fact […]

  • Get To Know Your Carbohydrates | What, How, When?

    Poor old carbs. They’ve been loved, hated, vilified and chopped right out of some people’s diets. What’s the truth about carbs? Find out here. You already know that carbs are one of the three macronutrients (the other two being protein and fats). Think carbs and you probably think about bread, pasta, breakfast cereal. But delve […]

  • Carbohydrates: Should We Just Go ‘Low Carb’?

    It is quite common for many people to avoid carbohydrates in their diet due to a multitude of reasons (such as reducing body fat percentage), but are they really that bad when taken in the correct ways, and are all carbohydrates classed the same? As well as being the body’s main source of energy, carbohydrates […]

  • Are You Eating Enough Carbs?

    Low-carb, no-carb, ketosis… We’re here to fly the flag for carbohydrates. Find out why active people need carbs (and when to eat what kind for maximum performance). Carbs are having a hard time of it just now. Fats are sexy (butter is even headline news). But what of the humble spud, loyal grain and smart […]