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  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake Recipe

    Summary This White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake recipe is both sweet and ambitiously tasty. With 12.4g of protein per slice and less than 3g of fat, it’s a fantastic treat to satisfy your evening cravings…but only when you’re not eating Complete Protein Dessert™. Instructions 1.) Preheat the oven to 175C. 2.) Blend all of the […]

  • Ginger Chocolate Protein Mugcake

    Summary This is a quick and easy recipe for all chocolate lovers to enjoy. With subtle hints of ginger, it’s a great high-protein dessert treat, oozing with chocolatey greatness. Give this Ginger Chocolate Protein Mugcake a try yourself – you won’t regret it! Instructions 1.) First mix all the wet ingredients in a large, microwave-safe […]