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  • Bulking with a Low Appetite

      To gain muscle you need to be eating in a calorie surplus, as a rough guideline this means eating 300 calories over your maintenance limit (use an online macro calculator to find your maintenance level). A lot of people massively overestimate the amount of calories they consume when looking to bulk, just as a […]

  • Lean Gaining | Packing On Muscle Mass, Not Fat

      Lean Gaining Many a sin has been committed in the name of bulking. At the mention of the word, weightlifters the world-over begin to gorge on pudding, pizza and pop-tarts; assured by their “swolemate” that this is how gains are made. Six months later, after their six pack has disappeared and they can no […]

  • The 5 Basic Rules of Weight Gain

    POST SUMMERTIME BULKING Summer has come and gone and, for many, attention is turning to putting on a bit of weight and getting stronger. Weight gain can sometimes be over complicated with lots of broscience and claims to ‘get big quick’ being thrown at you. Indeed, for many, weight-gain can be as hard to achieve […]