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  • Mass Killer: 4 Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Gains

    You’ve been attacking your workouts, your diet is in check but you still haven’t seen any noticeable size and growth. Despite keeping all of the variables under strict control, building lean muscle mass continues to elude you the harder you try. Sound familiar? If you are tired of being stuck on a muscle-building train to […]

  • 10 Advanced Training Methods To Break Through A Muscle Building Rut

    So, you’ve been hitting the gym regularly and have seen great improvement in size, definition and strength, however you notice your progression is taking longer than usual and has hit a stumbling block. Unfortunately, you may be going through a plateau as your body has become accustomed to the level of intensity and stress you […]

  • Maximising Anabolic Potential

    The processes of protein synthesis and protein breakdown occur concurrently in the muscle, and it is this constant protein turnover that allows the muscle fibre to change its protein structure accordingly, and adapt to the training stimuli over time. On a gross level, net protein balance determines whether muscle fibre size is increased (hypertrophy) or […]

  • Build Muscle and Endurance with Pyramid Training

    Pyramid training is a collection of sets, of the the same exercise, that start with a light weight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps. A full pyramid training set is an extension of this, reducing the weight after you have reached the peak, until you complete the pyramid. Sometimes […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

      When we join the gym for the first time, our primary goal is often to build muscle; the kind of muscle you see in the movies – broad shoulders, thick traps, solid pecs, quads-of-the-gods and not forgetting…guns of fury! Building muscle can be an uphill battle but there are a number of simple steps […]