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  • The Difference Between Weightlifting, Powerlifting, & Bodybuilding

      Here’s how to explain the differences between the three “lifting” sports. If you train with weights, you’ve probably had at least one confusing conversation with a non-lifter. Do you do that weight lifting thing? Is it like the one on telly in the Olympics? Do you lift up those big stones and pull trucks? […]

  • What’s More Important: Reps Or Weight?

      Should you focus on lifting for reps, or aim to lift heavy? Discover the best approach for your goals. One size definitely doesn’t fit all in the weights room. On any given day, you’ll see people training with barbells, dumbbells, machines, or purely bodyweight. Some will be moving quickly between sets, repping out 15+ […]

  • Celebrating Success

    #TeamBULK Champions If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know we like regramming (reposting) pictures that we’re tagged in. These are usually pictures of food, flexing, supplement deliveries and #BulkPets. It’s all well and good us posting promotional images but that’s not just what we’re about. Yes we provide an online shop […]

  • Alcohol and Bodybuilding: Do they mix?

    If you’re reading this then odds are you’re someone who trains hard, watches what they eat and takes care of their body. And as the weekend approaches we bet some of you also like to head out for a few drinks, having worked hard you also like to play hard… right? But we feel it […]

  • Q & A With Mobster

    The Big Interview: Steve ‘Mobster’ aka BULK POWDERS™ Superhero and Iron Grip Champion   If you visit internet forums, you might know his name from the impartial advice he likes to dish out to those who want to know better and those who should know better. Or perhaps you might recognise him as the burglar […]