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  • Strongman Supplements

      Strongman is a sport which has taken the world by storm, especially now the UK is home to the World’s Strongest Man. The variety of lifts, equipment, weight and movements used make for an exciting sport – not only to watch, but participate in. Strongman has a lot of ‘carry over’ into other sports; […]

  • The ABC of Vegan Supplements

    If I could add a kilo to my squat for every person who’s been concerned about my health, as a vegan, I’d be a very happy squatter today. The knee-jerk conclusion seems to be that if you’re not eating animal flesh you’ll inevitably end up deficient in so many essential nutrients. Yet, when asked, no […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Beta Alanine

    Beta-alanine, classified as a non-essential amino acid, is the beta form of the amino acid alanine. It’s currently a popular choice amongst athletes and gym goers who are looking for a competitive edge – to help them make the most of their training, due to its capacity as a lactic acid buffer, helping you train […]

  • Beta Alanine Benefits

    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or gym newbie, chances are you’ve come across a number of supplements already – everyone seems to be on the train these days, with their protein and creatine shakes. But if you delve a little deeper, you start to uncover a world of supplementation just waiting to be explored…and there […]

  • Ingredient Sprinkling

    Sprinkle: To scatter (liquid, powder, etc) in tiny particles or droplets over (something). When you think of sprinkling, you may think of sprinkling sugar on cereal or a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands over a cake. Both of those sound pretty appealing! How about a sprinkling of Beta Alanine in your pre-workout drink or a […]