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  • Personalise Your Intra Workout Supplementation

      Following on from the “Personalise Your Pre-Workout” article, we are going to take a look at intra workout supplementation. Intra workout is the period during our workout and these supplements are designed to help support performance and muscle growth during exercise. There are a few different situations in which intra workout supplementation may be […]

  • Which Amino Acids Are For You?

      With the ever increasing number of protein and amino acid supplements on the market it can be confusing as to which products are effective, when to take them, and the current literature supporting their use. To place protein sources in the correct context we have a few different ways in which we can categorise them; […]

  • Amino Acids & BCAA | What You Need To Know

      With the array of supplements available nowadays it’s easy to get a bit confused as to what you really need as opposed to following the latest trend. Obviously, individual needs vary and depend on your goals, physical and mental health and overall well-being. It’s always best to do your homework and understand why you […]

  • The Athlete’s A-Game

    What is an athlete? If Rio 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that an athlete is an individual proficient in their field – the very best of which being world class. The word itself comes from ‘Athelin’ – Greek for ‘compete for a prize’. Competition is defined as, ‘the activity or condition of striving to […]

  • Amino Acids – Lifting The Mask

    We like to think that we have some of the best tasting amino acid based products on the market, and it is something we pride ourselves on in the BULK POWDERS™ product team. The reason why we are proud of this is apparent if you have ever used Unflavoured Amino Acid products – such as […]

  • Whey or No Way?

    Are protein powders the whey to go or is it all gym hype? “I don’t use that whey stuff it’s bad for you.” While I thought the myth culture surrounding mainstream supplements had died, I still hear this type of comment a lot from gym goers. Some even claim whey can bring about horrific side […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Amino Acids

    What are Amino Acids? Nutrition can be confusing but, it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve put together this beginner’s guide to amino acids to take you through everything you need to know so, let’s get started. Amino acids AKA muscle’s building blocks are compounds that combine to make proteins. If you’re serious about your […]

  • Aminograms – A Closer Look at Amino Acid Profiles

    Transparency BULK POWDERS™ have recently displayed all the steps we take to demonstrate transparency and quality throughout our blog series. Another area that has come to our attention is that of amino acid profiles. It seems there are discrepancies in the way different supplement companies are presenting amino acid data. Below is an outline of […]

  • Leucine

    Over recent years, the Branched Chain Amino Acid, Leucine has received more attention than most other sports supplements. Leucine is an Essential Amino Acid; that means, unlike Non Essential Amino Acids, Leucine can’t be produced in the body and must be ingested through the diet. This is one reason why supplementing with Leucine has become […]