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  • 9 FAQ’s About Nutrition: Answered

    Do I have to cut out fats from my diet in order to lose fat? Losing fat is all about being in a calorie deficit; first of all you’ll need to figure out how many calories you expend each day, this number is referred to as your TDEE. If your goal is fat loss, you’ll […]

  • Does alcohol effect your recovery from training?

      From time-to-time we all like to let our hair down and have a few drinks with friends, and there is no reason why once in a while we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves (responsibly, of course). Anyone who has ever drunk to excess will know about the dreaded hangover and the impact on the desire and […]

  • To Drink Or Not To Drink

    BULK POWDERS™ Guide to alcohol this Christmas We’re not advocating drinking, in fact, many of us here at BULK POWDERS™ are teetotal – but over Christmas it can be hard to say no to a festive tipple or two (or three…or four…). We all know it’s not the smartest of ideas, but there won’t be […]

  • Alcohol and Bodybuilding: Do they mix?

    If you’re reading this then odds are you’re someone who trains hard, watches what they eat and takes care of their body. And as the weekend approaches we bet some of you also like to head out for a few drinks, having worked hard you also like to play hard… right? But we feel it […]