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  • Happy Birthday BULK POWDERS® | The Story So Far

      Can you believe BULK POWDERS® are 11 years old? It’s our birthday and you’re all invited. Help us celebrate how far we’ve come since we launched way back in 2006. With 50 new products so far this year, we now have over 1,000 products across 4 ranges. This includes our bestselling Pure Whey Protein™, Creatine Monohydrate […]

  • Introducing our Active Foods™

      The Active Foods™ range encompasses a wide range of premium foods, specifically selected for those with an active lifestyle. Foods in this range are designed to complement your healthy lifestyle. Active Foods™ delivers top quality nutrition whilst avoiding unnecessary additives wherever possible. You won’t find products of this quality at your local supermarket. Some […]

  • 13 Baking Essentials: Supplements & Active Foods™

      If your healthy diet is boring, you’re doing it wrong! There’s never been a better time to whip up healthy recipes. Discover the 13 most popular ingredients for healthy baking recipes (then get cooking with inspiration from recipes on The Core™). If you’ve never tried using your protein supplements and Active Foods™ in home […]

  • High Protein Bagels

    New additions to the Active Foods™ range are coming thick and fast, and our new High Protein Bagels are proving especially popular. If you’re a fan of regular supermarket or vendor-bought bagels, chances are you’ll love ours too – not only are they higher in protein (21g per bagel in fact!) they are also low […]


    So far, this year has seen the launch of a number of new products to hit the different ranges of BULK POWDERS™. From new Pro Series launches to some fantastic healthy foods, all have been designed to offer ultimate convenience and meet your training needs. Each product launch brings about a whole new look to […]

  • Goji Berry

    BULK POWDERS™ have recently expanded its Active Foods™ range to include Dried Coconut, Dried Apricot, Dried Cranberries and Dried Goji Berries. This expansion of the Active Foods™ range has been well received as customers are always looking for nutritious food alternatives on the move. Goji Berries provide an expansive range of benefits with an impressive […]