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Sweet Potato Bread Recipe

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There isn’t much more satisfying than baking your own bread, especially when it’s the healthy kind. The BULK Kitchen chefs have created this simple Sweet Potato Bread recipe – using minimal ingredients. Got some free time this week or at the weekend? Give this recipe a go!


1.) Put all the ingredients in a food mixer and mix on a medium speed until you get a soft and smooth dough.

2.) Put the dough into a clean bowl and cover with clingfilm. Leave in a warm place and leave for 90-120 minutes until the dough is doubled in size and puffy.

3.) Briefly knead again and put in a 2lb non-stick loaf tin. Cover again with clingfilm, leave in a warm place until it has risen to the top of the tin.

4.) Heat the oven to 210C, uncover the loaf and bake in the oven for 40 minutes until the bottom sounds hollow when you tap it.

5.) Cool on a wire rack.

6.) Use to make sandwiches, toast, eat with soup etc. The bread keeps very well and you can freeze it too.

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MACROS (per loaf)

Calories – 126.9

Protein – 6.6g

Carbs – 22.2g

Fats – 0.8g

Fibre – 2.9g


375g Strong Wholemeal Flour
125g Sweet Potato Powder
10g Dried Yeast
7g Salt
400g Luke Warm Water
300g Liquid Egg Whites