Stay Limber with Limber 11

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In our eternal quest for knowledge, we stumbled across this video from strength & conditioning adonis Joe DeFranco. This is a simple and practical routine that Joe has devised to promote flexibility and improve mobility – and all you need is 15-20 minutes, a lacrosse ball and a foam roller (or PVC pipe).

To quote Joe on the SMR Glutes manoeuvre (lacrosse ball):

It is decently uncomfortable…this one doesn’t tickle.

If you suffer from any sort of back pain, tight glutes, stiff hip flexors or sore quads, give Limber 11 a go. Perform it a few times a week and see how you get on. But you don’t just have to do this when you have a niggle. Employ this type of routine in your regular training as a great way to stay supple and ward off injury.

With exercises like the Rocking Frog Stretch you’d be a fool not to try it!

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