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Over the years we’ve had different ideas about reviews.  Clearly there’s no doubt as to how important they are.  We think we have great products but we would say that, wouldn’t we?  So the only way we get real feedback is when our customers tell us.  Easy, you might think.  If only.

The problem is that most people have a life.  People expect good products and good service.  From that point of view, it’s absolutely amazing that we have any reviews at all.  And that leaves the danger that the reviews are not representative – you only get the opinions of people who absolutely hate or love the product.  On top of which, soliciting for reviews can come across as a bit needy.  And offering some kind of reward tends to undermine the integrity of the whole process.

The integrity of reviews is absolute.  BULK POWDERS™ has very strict rules preventing staff from reviewing our own products.  Since re-launching the site, we have stopped “guest” reviews and check them against purchasing history to keep the feedback clean.

One of the most important things we have done is to try and separate reviews of the process (ordering / delivery) from the product.  3 stars (Loved the protein powder -the guy on the phone was dopey) doesn’t help others tell if the stars were dropped for the product or the service.

For that reason we ask everyone who orders to fill in a service feedback survey ( and we try and keep this separate.

So what makes a good product review?

The best reviews are:

  • Honest.
  • Strictly about product (not about the courier’s van)
  • Helpful – comparisons with other brands (if you like x you’ll like y), tips for use or combinations with other products
  • Clear about flavour used (oh and we know BCAA doesn’t taste great – don’t you?)

We genuinely don’t mind if you don’t like a product but it does help if you say why.  It helps if you read the other reviews first.

When don’t we publish your review?

To be honest, this doesn’t happen too often but we do reserve the right to not post reviews in the following circumstances:

  • If you are completely MAD.  We don’t really mind but we think you should keep it private.
  • If you are abusive.
  • If you are discussing illegal supplements (this gets us a lot of grief with Google)
  • If you have no purchasing history.

So what’s next?

As we said above, we are really keen to get feedback on new products so we will be focusing on recent launches to try and speed up the feedback process.  And, yes, we will be providing a monthly prize, purely to demonstrate what makes a good review.

And if, like most people, you have nothing to say, please say nothing!

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