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In Part #1 of our Quality Series, we focussed on the independent testing undertaken on our products to ensure the nutritional value, and specifically the protein content, are what you would expect.

You’ll be pleased to read that we don’t stop there. At present, two of our products are part of the Informed Sport programme (INFORMED WHEY™ and ELEVATE™). The Informed Sport programme tests for banned substances within products to provide athletes with a guide to safe supplements. This step has been taken not only to re-assure tested athletes about the safety of our products, but to also re-assure you of the quality of our supplements. Our Informed Sport products are manufactured in the same facility as all our other products, within our state of the art clean room facility, following our high manufacturing standards.

To gain Informed Sport accreditation, the product goes through rigorous testing in an ISO17025 laboratory, by HFL Sports Science. HFL have been testing products for banned substances since 2002 and test over 5000 samples each year. The testing procedure screens products for 146 substances that are prohibited in sport through the WADA prohibited list, and in organisations such as the NFL, NCAA and MLB. Banned substances that are tested for include anabolic agents, stimulants, diuretics, narcotics, beta-2-agonists etc. with multiple banned substances falling into each category. Informed Sport also have to be aware of substances that may be chemically similar to a banned substances which may result in a false positive result in athletes.

Further to the testing protocol, you need to adhere to a number of manufacturing guidelines in order to gain Informed Sport accreditation. The products that are manufactured as part of our Informed Sport programme go through our normal manufacturing process within our state of the art clean room facility. We hope this helps to re-assure you that all of our products are manufactured to a very high standard, worthy of Informed Sport status.

We also use a number of Informed Sport approved suppliers, to provide us with a range of ingredients that are used throughout the ranges, including our Informed Sport approved products. Using a number of Informed Sport approved suppliers ensures that the ingredients we use are up to the high standard that we expect, thus contributing to the overall quality.

ELEVATE™ and INFORMED WHEY™, being part of the Informed Sport programme, provides further reassurance of the steps that BULK POWDERS™ undertake to ensure that you’re receiving quality products.

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