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Flavoured BCAA
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A 200ml serving of a popular fizzy drink contains the equivalent of five teaspoons of sugar. We don’t want that – sugar is the curse of making gains. So how about a diet one, a ‘lite’ one or one that has no calories in it at all? On the face of it, that doesn’t sound too bad. We know there are plenty of gym-goers who head to the temple of gains to build muscle or increase endurance who can’t live without their daily 1-2 cans (or bottles) of ice cold fizz.

A quick scan of the ingredient declaration in modern diet fizzy drinks doesn’t make the best reading. Would it not be better to consume food and drink that has more nutritional and health benefits? Like water? Yes it would.

Drinking zero calorie or diet fizzy drinks can potentially have psychological effects. An American research team from Purdue University in 2011 found that when the body doesn’t receive the fat and calories it craves (taste usually means calories will be present), the body’s mechanism for controlling food intake becomes confused which leads to us eating more to compensate. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘Big Mac and Diet Coke’ phenomenon. This study was however carried out on rats and not humans.

So why drink low calorie fizzy drinks when we have options that are better for our health with a better nutritional profile. In this instance, we want to mention Instant BCAA in Cola flavour.

Cola Instant BCAA (sometimes referred to as iBCAA and suitable for both men and women) tastes exactly like cola (so there’s a plus point right away) – just without the fizz. But don’t think you’ll be getting a horrible flat drink – it’s extremely refreshing (especially during a workout / in hot weather) and goes down a treat (we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews).

Cola Instant BCAA will help promote muscle growth, reduce muscle breakdown, reduce muscle soreness after a workout and during a workout, will help decrease fatigue and lead to increased fat oxidation (just like drinking Green Tea would). Nutritionally Cola Instant BCAA is very low in calories (approx. 30-50 per serving) and has no carbohydrates. It contains a small amount of sucralose but so do most whey protein supplements – there’s nothing to worry about there. Natural flavouring and natural colours have been used to create the Cola taste.

Whether you’re working out or just want a delicious drink to sip on throughout the day (and you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to drink it!), Cola Instant BCAA or a cup of water should always take precedence over a bottle of fizz. We even have Apple & Lime, Mixed Berry and Tropical flavours that taste just as good.

Give flavoured Instant BCAA a try – we think you’ll be impressed.

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