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Pumpkin Carving Competition
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Have you got what it takes to be the pump king?

Halloween is just around the corner which means you’re probably boarding up the house in preparation for those pesky trick or treaters (or buying sweets to dish out to the devils at the door…). You might have been down the fancy dress shop for a ghoulish get together or invested in a pumpkin (or a few pumpkins so you can build an orange bodybuilder like the guy below). Just look at those striations and bulging biceps.

We want to get your creative juices flowing by taking part in our Halloween Competition that goes by the name of – ARE YOU THE PUMP KING (get it..?).

We don’t mean rip your BULK POWDERS™ training t-shirt off and show us how vascular you are. What we want is for you to buy a pumpkin, or pumpkins, and come up with a design that will blow the rest of the competition away.

Pumpkin Bodybuilder

The competition details

Firstly, go and buy a pumpkin if you don’t have one already. You have until Friday so plenty of time.

We want you to get carving and come up with a pumpkin that ideally has a health/fitness theme. So you could…

1. Carve the whole pumpkin into the shape of a bodybuilder
2. Carve a bodybuilder into the pumpkin
3. Carve the BULK POWDERS™ logo into your pumpkin
4. Carve a message into your pumpkin – Do you even lift bro?

Anything goes. Google image search ‘bodybuilder pumpkin’ for some more inspiration.

If you don’t want to do that, do anything with your pumpkin and submit your entry. We just want to see what you can do.

The PUMP KING prize

The winner will be selected by us between November 3rd-4th and we’ll post up the winning entry on our social media pages. We’ll also post up everyone else’s pumpkins afterwards so you can see all the entries.

The winning PUMP KING will win £20 of BULK Reward points – these will be added straight into the winner’s account to use on their next shop.

How to enter

You need to take a photo of your pumpkin competition entry. Simple!


We’ll pin the competition details to the top of our Facebook page. You can enter by going to the comments and replying with a photo of your entry.

Alternatively if you want to post the picture to your own feed, just make sure you include the HASHTAG #BULKPUMPKING so we can track it.


Tweet your pumpkin photo and use the hashtag #BULKPUMPKING in the tweet so we can track it. Or just tweet the photo to us


Post up your pumpkin photo and use the hashtag #BULKPUMPKING in the post so we can track it. Alternatively just tag us in your post (bulkpowders_uk or #bulkpowders).

Good luck – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The winning pumpkin

Congratulations go to Adam who won our competition. We ideally wanted a pumpkin related to us as a company or health in general and Adam delivered with this carving of our logo.

Adam Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving

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