Another ordinary protein coffee or simply the best on the market today?

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What is Complete Protein Coffee™?

You all have your favourite coffee, whether you’re a café latte, mocha or espresso kind of coffee drinker. What if we told you that you could have the taste of your favourite coffee and reap the benefits of 22g of protein per serving along with 100mg caffeine and 2g of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Would you be tempted to convert?

We firstly used the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate we could find, which is also heat stable. This means, where standard whey would curdle in hot water and create an unpleasant texture, ours will be smooth and creamy. Our choice of real coffee is that of the Columbian variety and is freeze-dried for optimum quality and fresh tasting.

The hype around MCTs and healthy fats also sparked an idea in our product development team. 2g of healthy fats utilised immediately for energy and not in fact stored as actual fat is the other bonus over your usual coffee.

Ultra convenience is always one of our main aims, as we know that busy lives need convenient products that you can take with you wherever you go. Simply add hot water to your Complete Protein Coffee™, stir and go. Although do remember to let it cool down first!

Why is BULK POWDERS™ Complete Protein Coffee™ better than others?

Our idea for Complete Protein Coffee™ came from the ever popular worldwide coffee craze; coffee lovers everywhere are looking at new and exciting ways to enjoy their daily cup of coffee and we wanted to add to that with a unique offering.

You may have seen other sports nutrition companies offer protein coffee. BULK POWDERS™ Complete Protein Coffee™ has more protein per serving than the competitor variants and we used a specific heat stable whey protein isolate. While we add in beneficial MCTs, competitor products add in unnecessary calories from sugar and cocoa, which is quite frankly needless.

Finally, the addition of a microwave is pretty inconvenient if you’re not able to get to one. That’s why we went the extra mile to use heat stable whey so you can enjoy your Protein Coffee in the same way you would enjoy ‘normal’ coffee.

Much more than just your morning coffee

As well as replacing your daily coffee, BULK POWDERS™ Complete Protein Coffee™ can also be an effective pre-workout drink. Try taking your coffee before a workout to benefit from 22g of protein to supply your body with amino acids during your workout, along with 100mg of caffeine to enhance mental alertness and delay the onset of muscle fatigue. MCTs will also give you an easily digesting energy source for instant fuel to boost your workout.


If you love coffee and also love keeping fit, eating well, looking good and also benefiting from a pre workout boost now and again, then you should give BULK POWDERS™ Complete Protein Coffee™ a try.

Stick to your boring morning flat white or twist to become a Protein Coffee drinker and start benefiting from this impressive formula based beverage! You decide.

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