Nutrition & Training Go Hand-in-Hand

Nutrition & Training Go Hand-in-Hand
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We’re over halfway through the year. How are your New Year’s goals? If it’s time for a refocus, read on. We’ve got some ideas.

If the physique and performance path you set out on at the start of 2015 has started to waver, now is a great time to refocus. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. So let’s get planning for the second half of the year.

Sometimes we all need a bit of direction. It won’t take long to decide on the ideal combination of training and diet which will have you closing in on your 2015 goals.

Trying to add muscle.

Your goal was: add size, bring up lagging body parts, pack on lean mass.

If muscle gain is your priority, you already know that getting enough calories in is important. If you aren’t consuming the calories you need to train hard, recover well, and support muscle gain, you’ll struggle to see any appreciable gains. But it’s not enough to simply smash in the calories without thinking about quality.

It can be difficult to get adequate protein and calories from whole foods without resorting to junk calories. There’s really no need to top up your caloric requirements with poor quality food choices when you could be choosing sources which actually support your lean gain goals.

Here’s where a good mass gainer comes to the rescue. Mass gainer protein powders aren’t just for hard gainers. They’re also the secret weapon of big guys who want to get bigger but struggle with the sheer amount of calories they need to eat every day. Mass gainers are also very useful for busy guys who can’t prep, reheat and transport multiple whole-food meal options with them every day. A mass gainer is so simple to pack, store and drink. Will you choose INFORMED MASS® or Lean Mass for your muscle-gain goals?

Top tip: add peanut butter to your shakes or to snacks like wraps, sandwiches, porridge or cottage cheese for a high calorie wholefood ingredient which will give valuable extra calories without any junk. A great source of protein, healthy fats and some fibre.

Trying to lose fat.

Your goal was: a leaner physique, fat loss, muscle maintenance.

Nutrition is more important than training or cardio if you want to see noticeable fat loss. If you’re still making poor choices in the kitchen, you’ll be chasing your tail till December. So get your diet in check before you worry about how much you’re lifting, or whether you should do another cardio session this week.

Prioritise getting in enough quality protein and fibre. A good quality whey protein is an important part of a fat loss diet, giving you that all-important protein boost without excess calories. Try Pure Whey Protein™ or Complete Diet Protein™ ADVANCED alongside healthy wholefood protein sources to keep on top of your macros.

Secondly, look at increasing the amount and range of vegetables in your diet. A good array of veggies, leaves and greens will boost the amount of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals you give your body whilst you’re losing fat, which in turn will safeguard your general health. As an extra level of support for your immune system during the stress of dieting and training, try Complete Multivitamin Complex™ for a solid spectrum of vitamins your body may be missing.

Carbohydrates and fats are important to support your training but pay close attention to quantity and portion size. Remember that fats carry a higher caloric load than carbs and protein, and that carbs are most important for performance and recovery.

Get back in the game. We’re right here to support you.

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