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Nuts About Whey™
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Nuts About Whey™, exclusive to BULK POWDERS™, follows from the hugely successful launch of our Christmas favourite, Mince Pie & Cream Protein Butter. We’ve gone the extra mile to deliver not one, not two, not even three but FOUR new Nut Butters fortified with whey protein and made with skin on peanuts. High Protein Peanut Butter has arrived.

What is Nuts About Whey™?

Nuts About Whey™ is an exciting new twist on nut butters. They are fortified with Whey Protein Isolate and Coconut Oil and also come in our delicious BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein™ flavours!

With over 50g protein per 100g of Nuts About Whey™, along with added Coconut Oil and absolutely no added salt, sugar or palm oil, the new generation of nut butters have landed.

This delicious high protein nut butter can be used to spread on almost anything, as well as being a tasty addition to any protein shake.

If you’re addicted to our natural 1kg tubs of Pistachio Butter, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Cashew Butter, Nuts About Whey™ should definitely be on your shopping list too.

What flavours are available?

Right now, take your pick from the following Nuts About Whey™ flavours – Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Banana Fudge.

Each tub is 500g in size and priced up at £9.99. Considering you’re getting huge amounts of whey protein isolate, healthy fat from the peanuts and added coconut oil, this protein peanut butter offers superb value.

We have even more incredible new flavours lined up to add to the range next year!

Protein Peanut Butter

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Take your shakes and protein recipes to another level with Nuts About Whey™. Snap up your pots today and let us know how you get on with the flavours on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to extend the range even further in 2015 with more new and exciting flavours.

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