NEW Christmas Mince Pie & Cream Creations for 2014

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With Christmas only 24 days away, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our TWO new limited edition Christmas Creations for 2014 – Mince Pie & Cream Pure Whey Protein™ and Christmas Protein Butter (Mince Pie flavour).

So whether you’re buying for yourself or as a Christmas present for friends and family this year, try our two new limited edition Christmas Creations whilst stocks last!

Intro Offer – 10% off Mince Pie & Cream Pure Whey Protein™

For an extremely limited time only, get 10% off Mince Pie & Cream Pure Whey Protein™. No code is required, we’ve already discounted the price for you!


mince-pie-whey Mince Pie & Cream Pure Whey Protein™ makes a festive return from our launch last year.This flavour was so popular we sold it right up to July, constantly making new batches to meet demand.

Bursting with winter fruits, cinnamon and with a creamy texture, it really is like drinking a mince pie but with the added benefit of 24g protein per serving!

christmas-protein-butter Christmas Protein Butter is a cracking brand new innovation and, as the first sports nutrition company in the world to launch a Christmas nut butter packed with a high protein punch, we can’t wait to get it in the homes of our nut butter addicts.Christmas Protein Butter is a whey protein fortified nut butter with a huge 53g of protein per 100g. The protein comes from Mince Pie & Cream Pure Whey Protein Isolate™ 90 plus naturally from the nuts used. The three nuts that make up this delicious seasonal spread are Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews with Coconut Oil also added for even more health benefits.

Cinnamon has been sprinkled into the mix as well. All of this equates to one of the best nut butters you’re ever going to eat!

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