Mangananaberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Mangananaberry Breakfast Smoothie
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Sophie, of 100 Healthy Days, received a hamper of goodies containing our Pure Whey Protein™, Ultra Fine Scottish Oats and Liquid Egg Whites. Sophie trains early in the morning, so wanted to create something that was quick and easy to throw together, perfect as a quick breakfast before an AM CrossFit session. Her creation has been christened the ‘Mangananaberry Breakfast Smoothie‘.


Add all ingredients to a blender, blend, and you’re done!

Mangananaberry Breakfast Smoothie #CookItYourWhey #BulkBakes


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Author: Sophie at 100


3 Strawberries

Half a Mango

1 Banana

25g Pure Whey Protein™ (Banana)

175 ml Water

50g Liquid Egg Whites

25g Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

25g Linseed