Keeping you in Tip Top Shape, Day to Day

keeping you in tip top shape day to day
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General health & wellbeing is so important to almost every facet of life. Being in a healthy and good place with mind and body allows you to be at your best at work, in the gym and socially. As such, we wanted to go over a number of products in our range which may help to keep you in tip top shape day to day so you can make the most out of all aspects of life!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has recently featured heavily in the news, and for very good reason! Vitamin D3 has been shown to contribute to normal immune function, the maintenance of bones and teeth, normal muscle function and the normal absorption of calcium. With all these benefits in mind, it is no surprise that Vitamin D3 is supplemented by so many. As such, it’s worth adding Vitamin D3 to your supplement arsenal. It’s not just for winter as well, it has been suggested that athletes who train outside (for example beach volleyball players) are deficient… so give it a try!


Magnesium is perhaps one of the most important minerals in the body as it is abundant and interacts with a number of processes, such as muscle contraction, hydration and nerve signalling. Due to its interactions with nerve and muscle function you can see why Magnesium would be so important for keeping you in tip top shape day to day. Becoming deficient in Magnesium could be negative to you performing at an optimal level in day to day life, but also be detrimental to health. Everyone knows the importance of hydration, and magnesium is very important to keeping an electrolyte balance which is so vital to staying hydrated.


Zinc is an essential mineral that also plays an important role within a number of processes within the body. Zinc plays an important role in things such as contributing to normal immune function, normal protein synthesis, normal blood testosterone levels and normal cell division. All things which are important day to day to keeping you in the best possible state.

Additionally, Zinc is also great for the maintenance of normal hair, skin, nails and bones – further supporting its benefit day to day. Our OptiZinc® Tablets provide you with a high quality form of Zinc which is very bioavailable so you can make the most out of your Zinc!


Protein is one of the most popular product groups in sports nutrition. But there is no need for this simply to be seen as a supplement for 18-30 yr old males who want to increase muscle mass. Protein can be just as important for the ageing population who may want to maintain muscle mass to remain active and improve quality of life. However, protein’s benefits go far beyond just the muscle. Protein is made up of amino acids, and as such, can be seen as a great source of Essential Amino Acids. Certain amino acids can have specific benefits in isolation, however as the name suggests, essential amino acids are essential to health, and as such – you need to obtain them from the diet to “survive”.

In addition, protein is a fantastic nutrient for support maintenance of normal hair, skin, nails and bones – all of which are important for keeping you in tip top shape day to day.

Joint Care

Joints and bones can be extremely important to feeling tip top day to day… after all, having joint pain can be the difference between a comfortable existence, and having a niggly source of annoyance which can impact your general happiness. With joint care, it is always best to take a preventative approach, as opposed to a curing approach. Joints can become worn, damaged and inflamed over years of training, or even over an intense training period.

Furthermore, joint issues typically become an issue as we age – hindering quality of life as you age by limiting activity levels and ability to carry out tasks required day to day. As such, using a joint care product to help sustain normal joint health, can be extremely valuable to all ages in helping to keep you in tip top shape day to day. Something like our Complete Joint Restore™ is ideal for providing a “complete” joint care product, taking into account joint care from all angles.

Fruits & Vegetables

We’ve already covered Magnesium & Zinc, however micronutrients and more importantly fruit & vegetable intake in general is very important day to day. Fruit & vegetable intake is of particular importance as they help to provide you not only with the valuable vitamins and minerals, but also a source of fibre and phytonutrients which may not be present in a straight mineral supplement.

Products like our Complete Greens™, which contains 24 nutrient dense ingredients to provide you with more than 5 of your 5 a day! Alternatively you could look at our Complete Fruits™ powder, which contains a blend of 10 healthful fruit powders, which are equivalent to 2 of your 5 a day. We do also stock a whole range of individual fruit and vegetable powders as well as superfood powders.

Fish Oils

Fish Oils are another popular supplement on this list to keep you in tip top shape, however not everyone has opened their eyes to the benefits yet. They can be an extremely valuable addition to almost everyone’s supplement arsenal. Fish Oils, or more importantly EPA and DHA (Omega 3) can provide you with a range of benefits such as normal heart function, normal blood lipid levels, brain health and have also been touted to support joint care.

With all of the above in mind, I’d suggest taking a look at your existing diet and if any of the above is a benefit you are looking to achieve, or a deficiency you are aware of, supplementation may be a great way to help keep you in tip top shape day to day.

About the Author:

Rowan (BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science) works within the BULK POWDERS® Product Team. His role includes being responsible for Product Quality as well as contributing to Product Development.

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