Introducing our Pro Series™

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The aim of the Pro Series™ was to create genuinely world class products, and we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we’ve done. No expense has been spared with the potent dosages and formulas. All Pro Series™ products contain premium, high quality ingredients, as well as branded ingredients such as Creapure®.

As with all of our products, we tell you what, and how much, goes into each and every one. They are completely transparent, with no proprietary blends.

A number of products in the Pro Series™ range are Informed Sport approved – meaning each and every batch is banned substance tested for athlete’s reassurance.

Months of hard work go in to blind tastings and constant revisions, until finally our in-house team of flavour technologists deliver what we believe to be industry-leading flavours. You can be assured that products in the Pro Series™ range come with gourmet flavour profiles.

There’s a product for almost every need and goal – from pre and post workout nutrition, to weight loss and weight gain, plus many more.

Some of our most popular products include INFORMED WHEY®, ELEVATE™ ZERO, CUTTING EDGE™ and AFTERMATH™.

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