Introducing our Complete Series™

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The Complete Series™ takes many of your favourite ingredients from the Pure Series™ and combines them into expertly formulated, well dosed formulas. As well as this, they are formulated with great flavours in mind.

What you’ll also notice about all of our Complete Series™ products is that we actually tell you what, and how much, goes in to each and every product. This is very rarely seen within the supplement industry, with most companies hiding behind proprietary blends. Proprietary blends consist of multiple ingredients, but don’t list the amounts of each individual ingredient that are actually present. This enables unscrupulous companies to add just tiny amounts of ingredients to a product, purely so they can be named on the label. At BULK POWDERS® there are no proprietary blends, just clear and concise formulas.

We manufacture all Complete Series™ products in our very own industry-leading production and state of the art clean room facility, giving us complete control over product quality.

Complete Series™ products are ideal for customers looking for one convenient product for a certain goal. There is something for everyone, from fat loss, weight gain and vitality to name a few.

Some of our most popular products include Complete Thermogenic™, Complete Greens™, Complete Multivitamin Complex™, Complete Mass™ and Complete Pre-Workout™ Advanced.

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