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BULK POWDERS® have recently released a new range of men’s active and lifestyle clothing – BULKWEAR®. This premium clothing range offers highly fashionable active wear made from high quality fabrics, designed to offer a fit that enhances your physique and emphasises muscle definition. If your gym wardrobe is in need of an upgrade, then the BULKWEAR® range has certainly got you covered.

The Importance of Quality Gym Wear

When training intensely, it is important to wear the right clothing to support your training goals. It can even make the difference between having a great gym session and an average one. If your active wear is uncomfortable, restricting or poor fitting, it is going to have a negative impact on your training.

BULKWEAR® has been designed to provide high quality training wear that allows you to perform at your best. The range allows you to move freely without limitations thanks to its lightweight, breathable fabric.


Here is what you need to know about each item in the BULKWEAR® range.

PerformLITE™ Seamless T-Shirt

When training it is important to wear a top that allows you to move freely and the PerformLITE™ seamless t-shirt has been designed with this in mind. Made from lightweight, breathable premium tech fabric, this training top allows you to workout in absolute comfort.

The flexible tapered fitting enhances your physique, with a figure hugging fit around your arms, shoulders and chest. If you want to look your best in the gym then the PerformLITE™ training top is certainly a great addition to your gym kit.

This performance top is available in a great range of colours including black marl, grey marl, green marl, navy marl and white. It looks great paired with the Flex-Fit™ Joggers.

Flex-Fit™ Joggers

These premium fitted joggers are available in two stylish colour combinations. Making use of high quality fabrics, the Flex-Fit™ joggers offer a tapered fit designed to enhance your physique, without restricting movement. If you have muscular legs, then these joggers will provide a great fit, emphasising your leg muscles.

For added convenience these joggers also feature zipped pockets – perfect for storing your locker key or phone in. Ever been lying on the bench and your phone fall out your pocket? Well there’s no need to worry about that when wearing the Flex-Fit™ joggers.

  • Slim fit tapered bottoms
  • Premium grade tech fabric
  • Zip pockets

Flex-Fit™ Hoodie

This hoodie features a tapered flexible fit and provides ultimate comfort, whether you are training in the gym, out and about or relaxing at home. The hoodie is made from premium grade tech fabric and the non-fleece lining makes it the perfect training top for the warmer months.

Similarly to the Flex-Fit™ Joggers, this hoodie also features zipped pockets and is available in two styles.

Free Returns

There is a comprehensive sizing guide provided for all three products in the BULKWEAR® range, which should help you to choose the perfect fit for you. But if you are unsure what size to order, don’t worry because BULK POWDERS® offer free returns on any item from the BULKWEAR® range.

Providing you return the item in the condition you received it within 30 days of your order, you will be able to return the item in exchange for a full refund. You can find more information on the BULKWEAR® returns policy here.

Be Ready For Every Challenge

The BULKWEAR® range offers high quality and highly fashionable gym wear at an affordable price. When your BULKWEAR® order arrives and you take it out of the premium matt packaging, you will certainly want to get to the gym and try it out! Why not add something from the BULKWEAR® range to your next order?


Alex Genzel is passionate about health and fitness having been involved in a number of competitive sports from an early age. He has been writing about sports nutrition and training for a number of years, alongside pursuing his passion for bodybuilding and desire to become a certified personal trainer. As well as writing for BULK POWDERS® Alex also has his own blog where he shares his training experiences and advice on supplements.

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