How To Supercharge Your Everyday Meals With Healthy Nutrition

Supercharge Everyday Meals
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Eating a healthy diet isn’t all about protein shakes and sports nutrition. Here’s how anyone can make tasty changes for health, energy, and weight loss.

Healthy eating has come a long way. Talk of nutrition, food prep, and macros has made its way out of the gym and into everyday life. But how can regular people, guys and girls who have no particular sporting goals, design a better daily diet? It’s easy when you know how!

Here are 3 simple ways anyone can get their daily diet healthier – without going on “a diet”!

More Protein

OK, when we said it’s not about protein shakes, we didn’t mean that protein isn’t important. It is. Most of us don’t eat enough (probably because we think protein is just for bodybuilders). Protein is important for healthy, strong bodies whatever age you are. Protein repairs cells, helps maintain muscle as we get older, and helps us stay fitter and stronger.

Don’t want to drink protein shakes? Not a problem. Even if you never go to the gym in your life, you can pack your diet with enough protein from amazingly tasty sources. Our Complete Protein Yogurt Drink is a hit with people who want a delicious thick dessert type shake, with its tangy real yogurt taste and ideal balance of carbohydrates and protein. If your biggest challenge is time, use our Active Meals. Food prep done for you: just heat them up at work or during busy days and be confident that you’re getting a balanced meal with plenty of protein.

Less Of The Unhealthy Stuff

It’s not just about adding things in. What about reducing the amount of unhealthy stuff we eat? Most people know about sugar. Sugar in itself isn’t a bad thing (it’s just a source of energy) but most people eat too much of it, often without knowing how much is in the food we eat. Unhealthy fats are another sneaky one – they can lurk in lots of processed foods and are very easy to overeat.

Try to reduce the amounts of pure sugar and trans fats you eat. But be careful – a lot of “low fat” foods contain more sugar than their higher-fat versions. Confused? The best thing to do is to look for ingredients and foods which are low in trans fats and low in sugar. Like our new Protein Yoghurts, which are really high in protein (a good thing!) but low in fats and sugars. And as an added bonus, they contain a good amount of fibre which is useful for digestive health.

Make Better Choices

It’s never been easier to eat a healthy diet. There’s so much choice these days for everyday people who don’t need to eat for sporting performance, and aren’t interested in building muscle. If you just want to make sure your diet is as healthy as possible whilst you raise a family, work a busy job, or focus on other hobbies, we’ve got you covered.

Our Chia Seed Granola is an incredible choice for breakfast. Swap your usual granola (which is probably packed with sugars and oils) for this crunchy, tasty mix of chia and other seeds. It tastes amazing and is full of protein and fibre with a low sugar content.

There’s no need to cut out snacks. But instead of grabbing something from the shop, or falling back on old choices like cereal bars, make better choices. Our Fruit, Nut and Seed Mix is a selection of nature’s healthiest seeds, nuts and dried fruit to keep your energy high without added sugar. Or you could choose every healthy eater’s favourite treat – nut butter. Instead of plain Peanut Butter, why not try something a bit different like our Triple Nut Butter or 4-Seed Peanut Butter. You’ll get all the nutrition of different nuts and seeds, with no added sugar and only the healthiest fats.

Got a sweet tooth? You don’t need to go cold turkey and cut out all chocolate. Just make a better choice. Cacao is the most nutritious part of chocolate – it’s the unprocessed, pure ingredient which gives chocolate its rich, moreish taste. Try our Cacao Buttons – dark chocolate buttons with the familiar snap of good quality chocolate, plus plenty of minerals, fibre and antioxidants.

Gradually shifting towards a healthier diet is about small choices and smart swaps. Anyone can do it – not just gym bunnies!

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