How To Perfect The Kettlebell Swing and Catch

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The kettlebell may just be one of the most underused pieces of equipment. There are so many great exercises you can do with them to work a number of muscle groups. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to do the kettlebell swing and catch, and what benefits you can expect by adding this exercise to your training regime.

Why Do The Kettlebell Swing & Catch?

This exercise will help to improve your core, balance and overall body strength. If any of you have ever done a kettlebell swing then I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s one of the best exercises for increasing your heart rate and getting a sweat on. This also means it’s a great exercise for burning fat and toning your physique.

The ‘catch’ element of this exercise will help to engage more muscle groups. To force the kettlebell up into the air to perform the ‘catch’ requires your pectorals and shoulders to work to instigate the required momentum.

To then hold the kettlebell at the top of the motion, before controlling it back to the starting position, will engage your core.

You can easily add this exercise at the end of your workout, whatever you may be training that day. Whether it be chest, shoulders, abs or arms, this exercise can act as a great finisher.

How To Perform The Kettlebell Swing & Catch

#1 Starting Position

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly.

#2 Building Momentum

Lean forward and pick up the kettlebell in one hand. Keep your back straight and drive your hips forward in an explosive motion to swing the kettlebell up into the air.

#3 The Catch

Now, this is the tricky part. When the kettlebell is level with your shoulders, release it so it’s floating mid-air and then catch it with the other hand before gravity starts doing its thing.

#4 Finish The Move

Providing you’ve managed to catch the kettlebell and didn’t drop it on the floor, allow momentum to carry it back to the starting position and then repeat the process with your other hand.

As you can tell, you’ll be switching sides with every rep, meaning you’ll work both sides of your body. Work out for around 20-30 seconds, then give yourself 20-30 seconds to rest before completing another set. Perform 3-5 sets depending on your ability.

Choosing The Right Weight

Remember to think primarily about ensuring good form when you’re doing this exercise. If you’re using a kettlebell which is too heavy you can seriously increase your risk of injury. That’s due to the complexity of the ‘catch’ element of this exercise.

Even if you’ve done the standard kettlebell swing before, make sure to start on a low weight until you have mastered the exercise properly. Once you’re confident with it, you can increase the weight.


You won’t regret trying this exercise (unless you drop the kettlebell). As they say, practice makes perfect, and when you master this exercise your physique will be thanking you. Give it a go at the end of your next workout session.

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Alex Genzel is passionate about health and fitness and has been involved in a number of competitive sports from an early age. He has been writing about sports nutrition and training for a number of years, alongside pursuing his passion for bodybuilding and desire to become a certified personal trainer. As well as writing for BULK POWDERS® Alex also has his own blog where he shares his training experiences and advice on supplements.

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