How Knee Wraps Can Support Your Lifting

BULK POWDERS knee wraps
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Over the past few months we have launched some exciting new training accessories. If you missed the memo, we now offer lifting straps, wrist wraps and our latest innovation, knee wraps.

As we continue to grow and improve our product range, the natural progression was for us to develop a small, but great quality training range too. After all, anything that can help you perform better in the gym has to be a good thing, right? Back this up with premium nutrition and supplements and you’re on to a winning formula!

So how can knee wraps support your lifting?

Move more weight.

If you’re a competitive powerlifter, knee wraps are a fairly common training aid – especially for lifts like the squat. The elastic energy in the wrap is designed specifically to increase power output, particularly in the upward phase of the lift. It is believed that the maximal weight lifted can be improved by up to 10% by using knee wraps.

Lift more weight, for more reps.

Stability during the lift.

The jury is out whether or not knee wraps actually protect the knee during a lift, however, overall stabilisation of the knee is believed to assist in a more controlled movement.

Pushing through a plateau.

At one time or another, it’s not uncommon to hit a training plateau – a point where we cannot seem to progress. On the squat, it’s the point just out of the hole when the stretch reflex has faded and you’re stuck in no man’s land, unsure how you’re going to get the bar back up!

Techniques such as pause squats and box squats are great methods of training to emply at this stage, as they promote brute strength without the assistance of any bounce. Working on your weakness here should allow you to get through the first sticking point. Beyond this, the use of knee wraps are perfect for helping you out of a sticky situation. The extra elasticity in the wraps offers greater explosion from the hole – meaning you should be able exceed your previous weight limitations.

Less stress on the lower back.

One interesting observation of athletes who train in knee wraps is the impact they have on horizontal displacement of the barbell during the lowering phase of the squat. The use of wraps appears to reduce the influence of the hip joint during the movement – causing a more upright posture, releaving pressure on the spine from posterior forces. The force is channeled directly down the spine, rather than against it (often as a result of an exaggerated displacement of the barbell).

Things to consider.

Knee wraps are most suitable for powerlifters where the primary goal is to lift as much weight as possible. However, for weightlifters and casual gym goers there are a few things to bear in mind:

ROM can be restricted.

If you’re training for strength and conditioning, it is often advised to train without knee wraps and/or to use knee sleeves as an alternative. Knee sleeves help to keep the knee joint warm but don’t restrict the range-of-motion as much. This helps to develop strength at every stage of the lift.

Progressive strength.

Unless you compete, where the amount of weight lifted is the absolute priority, a progressive strength & conditioning program, where you gradually increase the weight squatted (unassisted) has the potential to be the most advantageous.


As with all things in life, the use of knee wraps is very much down to personal preference. If powerlifting is your thing, knee wraps are designed to increase power output, and the majority of research supports this. As such, knee wraps are a popular and often vital piece of kit for the competitive athlete. They are also for getting past a lifting plateau! If you feel you’ve reached your peak in terms of maximal load, the introduction of knee wraps could be just what you need to increase your lifting digits.

If you lift more frequently but perhaps not at a competitive level, focusing more on your technique and ROM, unassisted, seems like a logical starting point. Naturally, as you progress and the weight you are lifting increases, knee wraps might be the training accessory you need to push your development to the next level.

Our knee wraps are a fantastic addition to the BULK POWDERS™ training accessories range. High quality and with a stylish design, they are superb value at only £12.99. Add them to your basket today and watch your lifting numbers go through the roof!

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