High Protein Snacks

High Protein Snacks
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Most of us know that a diet high in protein is absolutely essential for building muscle. Indeed, research indicates that you need to consume 2-3g protein per kilogram of bodyweight for optimal muscle gains. This means that an 80kg male should aim to eat between 160-240g of protein daily.

Consuming these amounts of protein can be difficult for many of us – especially in today’s society where time is perhaps the most valuable of all commodities. How then is it possible to ensure that our protein requirements for muscle growth are satisfied on a daily basis?

Well, below we’ve outlined some quick to prepare, high protein snacks to help you on your way…

Protein Shakes

10-20 years ago these were confined to use by only the most dedicated of bodybuilders. Nowadays, it’s a fair assumption that most people in your gym will be supplementing with a protein shake of some sort! This is testament to how much they have improved over the years, both in terms of taste and quality, and also to our understanding of the convenience and value for money that they offer.

Nothing beats a good whey protein shake for supplementing your daily protein requirements. It takes only a minute to prepare, tastes great and costs from only £0.24 for a 30g serving!*


It’s a given that meat provides high quality protein, and lots of it! High protein sources of meat include chicken, beef, pork and lamb.

The perception with meat is that it is not quick to prepare, although frying a couple of chicken breasts in some extra virgin olive oil only takes around 10 minutes. If you’re on the go this isn’t much good, although you can of course   prepare such meals in advance and take them with you.

If you’re not that organised (and we don’t blame you!) then how about trying some Biltong? Biltong is new to BulkPowders but has already gone down an absolute storm. It provides over 53g of protein per pack (or 26.5g per half pack) and uses only the finest cuts of Silverside Beef. Another benefit of Beef Biltong is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so you can take it with you wherever you

Egg Whites

The use of egg whites in bodybuilding often evokes memories of Sylvester Stallone downing them as Rocky. Indeed, they have been used by bodybuilders for decades due to the high quality protein that they provide – earning them the prestigious title of the “Gold Standard” of protein.

These days, downing raw egg whites ‘Rocky style’ is not a requirement. For most of us an omelette comprising of 5-6 egg whites and a single yolk (which provides some nice healthy fats) seasoned with salt and pepper, provides a much tastier alternative and takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare.

Have you seen our bulk Liquid Egg Whites? These will save you time and money against supermarket eggs and what’s more they can be stored at room temperature whilst unopened – saving your precious refrigerator space!


Nuts provide a perfect pocket-sized snack to boost your protein intake between meals, or on the go. In addition they contain some great healthy fats too, whilst also being low in carbohydrate.

Peanuts and almonds are the preferred choice of nut for their high protein levels and we’d suggest opting for the unsalted versions if you can resist!

Alternatively how about taking a look at our Peanut Butter and Almond Butter? Both these products are 100% natural, with no additives, sweeteners, salt or unwelcome additions. Spread on some brown toast for a quick high protein, complex carbohydrate snack – or even add a dollop to your next protein shake!

*Based on a 5kg pouch of Unflavoured Whey Protein Concentrate 82% 5kg – 166+ servings at only £39.95!

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