Healthy Ways to Treat a Sweet Tooth

Healthy Ways to Treat a Sweet Tooth
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Does your sweet tooth threaten to derail your diet? Sweet cravings don’t have to be your downfall. Discover healthy ways to eat sweet!

Snack on the go with a protein bar

There are hundreds of protein bars to choose from but we really do think ours are the best choice. Not only do they satisfy the most urgent sweet cravings (Strawberry and Cream flavour or Chocolate Praline!), but the ingredients list is squeaky clean. Take a look:

  • 27g protein per bar from milk protein isolate (80% casein, 20% whey) and whey protein concentrate (high in BCAAs and glutamine)
  • Flavours from real foods (not chemicals): strawberry pieces, or hazelnut pieces
  • Digestive support from LactoSpore®, a high quality probiotic

What you won’t find in our snack bars is any cheap filler or thickener. No soya, and no gelatine either. This is pretty unusual, but we think it’s important. Gelatine is a cheap way to boost protein content, but it’s a terrible source of protein by way of bioavailability and amino acid profile. We don’t want it in our bars!

Make yourself a satisfying protein shake

All you need to crush a sweet craving is ice, water, a blender and some fantastic-flavoured whey protein powder. Luckily, we can help with that one! Have you tried our best-selling Chocolate Cookies Pure Whey Protein™, the ever-popular Chocolate Peanut flavour, or the new Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuit Informed Whey®? They’re so good, they don’t need anything else: just add a scoop to your blender along with ice and water, or use milk if you like a thicker shake, and blend. Who needs chocolate ice-cream?

Turn oats into proats

If you haven’t tried proats yet, get on board! Proats is simply a quick way of referring to protein oats, and the quickest and simplest way to make them is to cook your oats as usual, then stir in a scoop of whey, casein or vegan protein. Amp up your proats with some of these suggestions:

  • Double-cook, once with water, the second time with 100g liquid egg whites, then add the protein powder
  • Top with nut butter (one of our new chocolate nut butters would be the ultimate for a sweet tooth!), shredded coconut, fresh berries or chopped nuts
  • Pour a thick whey or casein shake over the top of your proats, either matching the flavour of the proats or creating a two-layered flavour combination

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