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If you’re a member of a gym then odds are you’ve witnessed some strange things happening in front of you at some point. From the guy who practises tai chi on a treadmill, to the 55 year old woman lifting more than men half her age, the guy who performs pretend basketball jump shots between sets, to the man who leaves a good 30 minutes rest in between his, not everyone treats hitting the gym the same!

We asked our Facebook fans for the funniest or weirdest thing they’d ever seen at the gym, and from the dangerous and stupid to the quirky and amusing, we certainly weren’t disappointed!


Dangerous gym behaviour

As shocking as it seems to those of us who aren’t, well… weird, there appears to be a lot of gym behaviour going on out there that is not just odd, but actually pretty stupid and incredibly dangerous. Hench Cameron shared the tale of the man who dropped his dumbbells and took his thumb clean off. We’re not even sure how that’s possible?


Treadmill trouble

As funny as it may be to see someone shoot across the room after being flung off a treadmill, it’s probably not as funny when it happens to you. So don’t answer the phone like Froso Marinou, who stopped to answer a call while the treadmill kept turning, or take off items of clothing like Aaron Cole who was launched off the back of his machine while removing his jumper.

Treadmills were also mentioned by Nordic Fitness, after they witnessed a 60 year old lady punch a 20 year old man in the face for using ‘her’ treadmill when there were plenty going free. To secure back her favoured machine she apparently turned off the electric to force him off!


Gym oddballs

Once you’ve seen a man fast asleep on the incline bench at 5:30am, you may feel like you’ve seen it all. But when it comes to the downright crazy, the changing rooms seem to be the place to go. One unfortunate Facebooker managed to hang his hoodie on a clothes hook which someone else had decided to use as toilet paper, and another unpleasant gym goer has taken to clearing their lungs into the communal water fountain…. ahem.

Paul Sutherland has seen someone drying himself from head to toe with a hair dryer which is one small step away from what can only be the ultimate gym oddball.


Crazy kit

It appears that not everyone knows how to behave in the gym, and not everyone knows how to dress for a workout either. From a man working out in crocs to a guy on the treadmill in sunglasses, there were a few odd kit choices reported. We’re not quite sure which is our favourite – the group of lads spotted sharing a string vest (to perform their squats in) or the man who chose to train in jeans, a shirt and a watch.


‘Special’ pre-workout supplements

Whilst we like to use Complete Intra-Workout™ or flavoured iBCAA, others have been more inventive with their intra-workout supplements. One of our Facebookers spotted cans of lager in the bin at his gym, whilst another saw two guys drinking pints of Pilsner Unquell whilst being trained by the owner of a gym who apparently requested the beer for them. Words fail us.


Gym selfie

If there’s one thing that has made you roll your eyes in the gym, it’s the ever popular gym selfie. Forget about people confusing the lat pulldown for a rowing machine, the thing that really makes you laugh is a selfie. Facebooker Steve Gullidge said “Thought a gym was about gains, not selfie love fests! But makes me giggle!”.


Has to be seen to be believed…

John Redpath has actually seen someone put their weights back after using them. Now we can’t believe this actually occurs…

If you’ve seen anything equally as weird or amusing (pictorial evidence is more than welcome!), let us know via our Facebook page or give us a tweet on @BulkPowders.

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