Eating Plan: Florian Bornschier

Florian Bornschier Eating Plan
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Eating Plans.

We all aspire to improve ourselves and a great way to do this is to learn from others, and people around us. Use this series to learn about the diet of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits could help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Introducing Florian Bornschier.

Florian is one of our German sponsored athletes and an aspiring fitness model. He has been vegetarian for 7 years and tries to combine alternative protein sources with a well-rounded vegetable and rice diet. He supplements as needed, to push his macro levels to their maximum, but aims to consume much of his nutrition from whole food sources. His diet is high in protein and carbohydrates, with a restricted fat intake, to help him stay lean all year round.

Daily Macros: 45% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates, 15% Fats.

Here is a breakdown of what Florian eats on a typical day – fitting in around his work and training.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • I’ll start the day with 500g soy yoghurt mixed in with a scoop of Chocolate Peanut Pure Whey Protein™.
  • I’ll mix in some fruit too, 1 sliced apple and 3 sliced strawberries.
  • I like a good serving of vitamins and minerals in the morning, so I’ll have Complete Greens™ with some fruit juice, or the Complete Greens™ tablets if I’m in a hurry.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • For lunch I have 200g Tofu veggie strips and 200g dry weight brown rice.
  • For a topping I’ll have tomato paste with oregano and perhaps a sprinkling of Active Seasonings™ – usually garlic & herb or mixed seasoning.
  • I’ll have this with some broccoli and asparagus.

Florian Bornschier Eating Plan


  • I’ll have something quick and nutritious like 400g cottage cheese combined with a scoop of Chocolate Micellar Casein. The natural casein found in cottage cheese, combined with the micellar casein I add, drip-feeds my muscles throughout the evening and whilst I sleep.
  • I’ll add in some Cinnamon for its taste and impact on blood-sugar regulation, as well as 1 kaki fruit (packed full of vitamin C) and some sliced strawberries.



Alex Brechtl Eating Plan

Pre Workout.

  • ELEVATE™ is my preferred pre workout supplement. Since using this I haven’t looked back. The new Cherry Cola flavour is fantastic.
  • I will normally have a 5g serving of Creatine HCL as well. I’ve experimented with a few different forms of Creatine but find that HCL works best for me.

Florian Bornschier Eating Plan

Intra Workout.

  • My intra workout supplement combination is Instant BCAA (Cola flavour) or INFORMED BCAA™ (Orange & Mango), with a scoop of Glutamine Peptide.


Post Workout.

  • Nice and simple. 2 scoops of Brown Rice Protein!


As you can see from Florian’s eating plan, the majority of his macronutrient intake comes from protein and carbohydrates. Lunch tends to be the largest meal of the day, with breakfast and dinner offering lighter options. In the evening Florian likes to ensure he has a slow-release supply of protein which he achieves by combining cottage cheese and Micellar Casein. His vitamin and mineral amounts are boosted by the addition of Complete Greens™ in his diet.

When he feels he needs it, Florian will incorporate Omega fish oils into his eating plan to aid his recovery and general health. View Florian’s athlete profile here.

For more athlete eating plans and nutritional ideas and inspiration, look no further than The Core™. Learn about the diets of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits can help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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