• Prebiotics | Health From The Inside Out

      Gut health is a fashionable topic lately. With everything from leaky gut to craving control being up for grabs, it seems like there’s a new benefit to gut healing every month. Prebiotics have shouldered some of the spotlight in gut health. They’re resistant compounds that aren’t digested but provide a positive environment for microorganisms […]

  • What is Nitric Oxide? | A Different Approach to Pre-Workouts

      From a biochemistry perspective, Nitric Oxide (NO) is a simple molecule; a molecule of oxygen connected to a molecule of nitrogen. As uninspiring as this may seem at first value, NO is actually a very important molecule in the body as it is one of the very few gaseous signalling molecules. As a signalling […]

  • Foods & Supplements for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

      Making sure we have healthy skin is not just important for how we look but also to provide a protective barrier against infection and disease. Many people are unaware that skin is classified as a detoxifying organ, so ensuring our diet contains all the essential nutrients to promote healthy skin is very important. A […]

  • The 5 Best Vitamin Supplements

      The winter months are dark, wet and cold – so it’s no surprise your immune system might take a battering! It is important to make sure you are consuming the micronutrients your body needs to avoid illness, stay healthy and allow for normal bodily function. Vitamin supplements can be a great addition to your […]

  • 5 Workout Supplements You Need To Try

      Supercharge your supplement stack in 2018 with these hidden gems! If you’ve been training a while, you’ll already know about the benefits of supplement basics like whey protein, fish oils, and vitamin D. But what about the lesser-known supplements that can help you burn more calories, train harder, and even build more muscle? Let’s […]

  • 8 Natural Sleep Aids for a Great Sleep

      Sleep is a precious commodity these days. Trying to balance a 40+ hour working week with eating, training, meal prep, talking to your family, looking at memes, having a social life and getting 8 hours of sleep a night is a tough one. As a result, sleep often ends up being the thing that […]

  • Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

      One of the key components of any diet, especially those that are designed to promote weight loss, is to ensure that you are consuming enough protein. Protein is an important macronutrient for weight loss for several reasons. How does Protein Help with Weight Loss? Firstly, it is the most satiating nutrient. Satiation, the feeling […]

  • 5 Supplements to Kick Start Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

      A very popular New Year’s resolution is to get physically fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle. You only have to set foot in a gym during the first week of January and you will notice how busy it is. Training is extremely important, but following a healthy, balanced diet is perhaps even more important […]

  • Benefits of Protein and Amino Acids: How Much Protein Do You Need

    Knowing what to put in your body and how much of each macronutrient to consume is a tough nut to crack. Many people consume as much protein as they can and opt for high-protein diets, while others fall short on their daily consumption and don’t eat enough of it. This article should help you to […]

  • Supplementation on a Budget

    When thinking about the best way to get value from supplements it is important to take a look at our goals, our current diet and then think about how we can use supplements to either plug in the gaps where maybe our day to day nutrition falls short or where supplements can offer us a […]