Diet and Nutrition

  • Bulk Eats: Vegan Muscle Builder

      By this point, you already know why we love smoothies so much. They’re a convenient way to get all the nutrients you need in one quick and easy recipe. Not only this vegan muscle builder smoothie tastes amazing but our Vegan Protein Powder provides each shake with over 23g protein per serving from 5 […]

  • Bulk Eats: Microwave Mug Cake Recipe

      Cake, anyone? Cure your cravings in under a minute with our quick and easy Microwave Mug Cake recipe. It’s no secret that everyone loves cake and there is no reason why we should have to give it up when trying to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Our Protein Mug Cake mix provides this recipe […]

  • Bulk Eats: Complete Greens Smoothie Recipe

    Don’t just eat your greens – drink them! All you need to do is follow the super-simple steps from our complete greens smoothie recipe video below. Smoothies are a great quick and easy option for getting the nutrients you need at any time of the day. This gloriously green recipe features our Complete Greens powder […]

  • Bulk Eats: Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

      With Pancake Day upon us it’s the perfect time to mix up some batter, flip up a feast and tuck into an incredibly high stack of pancakes. This recipe for our Banana Protein Pancakes is the perfect way to enjoy Shrove Tuesday while still hitting your nutrition goals. This pancake batter keeps it simple […]

  • Bulk Eats: Recovery Smoothie Recipe

    Train hard, recover strong. The steps you take to recover after working out can be as important as the training itself. Smoothies are a great option after a workout because they are easy to make and work quickly to start replenishing your energy stores. This recovery smoothie recipe features our Pure Whey Protein in chocolate, […]

  • Bulk Eats: Overnight Oats Recipe

    Overnight oats – this small but mighty breakfast option is the perfect grab-and-go meal for an active lifestyle. Prep it the night before, thank yourself in the morning. All you need to do is follow the super-easy steps from our overnight oats recipe video below.   For a twist on a classic, combine our Pure […]

  • Bulk Eats: Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

      Bored of the same old protein shake day in, day out? It’s time to mix it up with our breakfast smoothie recipe – quite literally! After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so, we decided to give it a special treatment. Get scrolling to find out more about the ingredients […]

  • Bulk Eats: Active Omelette recipe

      How often do you find an “easy”, “healthy” recipe online which turns out to not be so easy or healthy? Well, this one follows through on those promises. An omelette is a great option for a meal that’s packed with protein and is simple to prepare when you’re short on time. This recipe uses […]

  • Going Vegan: Giovanni Fois

      Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We recently caught up with Giovanni to find out how he’s getting on! How are you finding it so far? Are you finding it hard? I’m enjoying it because I’m discovering lots of new foods and dishes! The only problem is […]

  • Going Vegan: Alex Cleland

      Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We caught up with Alex Cleland to find out how he’s getting on! How are you finding it? I’m finding it difficult and a big change to my usual way of eating. Usually, I’m a big meat and dairy eater so […]