• How to Boost your Immune System

      I always find it funny when people say things to me like “How do you work in an Immunology Lab and still get sick?!” – as if studying it makes you intrinsically resistant to disease. I wish the immune system was that simple. That would make for a lot more classical “Eureka!” moments in […]

  • Bloating | The Causes

      This may seem like quite an odd topic to write about initially, however I think there are some misconceptions about “bloating” which need to be cleared up. “Bloating” is quite frequently seen as a negative thing, or an insensitivity to food, however I want to take a look at this and hopefully help to […]

  • The Science of Weight Loss

      Weight loss is a lot less complicated than some people would have you believe. There are companies out there selling dangerous weight loss pills and claiming to be the “secret to weight loss” and who promise to have you in that little black dress in no time. Unfortunately, many individuals buy into these claims […]

  • Can I Really Eat Carbs And Still Lose Weight?

      Do you still think you need to go low-carb to lose weight? We have some good news…. Are you still doing the low-carb thing? What if we told you that you can have carbs in your diet and still lose weight? In fact, some research shows that people who eat carbs lose more weight […]

  • Liquid Diets – The Slim Farce

      Time and time again I assess client’s diet plans and see that they’re on some kind of meal replacement plan. It will include low calorie shakes and perhaps one meal per day (if that). So when I learn they’ve had some rapid weight loss, but now seek a plan to progress due to stalling […]

  • Eating Well At Uni | The Beauty of Batch Prep

      University is an exciting time indeed, the buzz of a new town or city, new accommodation, meeting new people and the impending assignments and exams all add to the experience. If you’re a student and reading this then you will be well into the swing of things now, no doubt you’ll have a few […]

  • Petite Ladies: Putting On Healthy Weight

      Maybe you’ve always been “petite”, not a big eater, or maybe your body type just allows you to eat basically whatever you want without putting on a gram. Well, most people would say that you are pretty lucky, but if you’re working your socks off in the gym to put some mass on, and […]

  • Are You Making The Most Of Fish Oils?

      Understanding the true power of fish oil supplements. Whether you train to compete, or just want to lead a healthy lifestyle, a few basic supplements should be in your daily stack. And a good quality fish oil supplement is one of them. Here’s how to choose, use, and make the most of fish oils. […]

  • Why You Really Don’t Want To Skip Sleep

      The less you sleep, the more hours you’ll have to do what’s really important in life. More work, better results! Right? Not quite. It might feel like a necessary evil, sinking time into laying in bed, seemingly unconcious, doing nothing. If you’re after results though, you should reconsider that position. Sleeping well and long […]