Diet and Nutrition

  • Sport Nutrition Recovery Advice for Endurance Training

      After your endurance event, or a day of training ahead of your planned endurance event, you need to have your recovery strategies right! Poor recovery = Poor subsequent training = Reduced sports performance (a bad equation basically – so let’s not even entertain this possibility). In recovery we want to know about… Carbs Protein Alcohol […]

  • Complete Pump Pre-Workout™

      “Your muscles get a really tight feeling like it could explode at any minute […] it feels fantastic” The way Arnold Schwarzenegger describes the pump is a love letter to one of the most amazing, rewarding feelings you’ll experience in the gym. While there are dozens of great feelings you can chase down – […]

  • 5 Sports Nutrition Strategies for Endurance Events

      Sports nutrition advice for endurance events – before and during There are two important things you’ve got to know about when heading into an event and the reason they are important is because one of them is going to get you… it’s just which arrives first! So, these are: muscle glycogen depletion hypoglycaemia In […]

  • Staying on Track During Chinese New Year

      It might be the “Year of the Pig” but you can stay healthy and lean this Chinese New Year. Celebration food is a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations. But there’s no need to derail your 2019 fitness goals. Why not use the Chinese New Year as a chance to reset your focus […]

  • Healthier Super Bowl Half-Time Snacks

      NFL fans will already know that the Super Bowl takes place on Sunday 3rd February. It’s the culmination of the National Football League season and it’s always about far more than the game. There’s the atmosphere, the rivalry, the half time performance… and the food. Super Bowl food is not renowned for being light, […]

  • Double Peanut Butter Pancakes Recipe

      It’s national peanut butter day, so celebrate with DOUBLE peanut butter pancakes! Instructions 1.) Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth. At this point feel free to add chocolate chips to the mixture. 2.) Next pour the mixture into a non stick frying pan on medium heat until bubbles form in the pancake. […]

  • 7 Healthy Christmas Food Swaps

      Have a healthier festive period with these tasty food swaps! Christmas might only be one day, but the feasting seems to start earlier and finish later every year. How can you navigate a month of celebrations without piling on the pounds? You have 3 options: 1) YOLO the entire thing and deal with the […]

  • Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

      Protein-Powdered Vegan Christmas List Our round-up of the very best Christmas gifts for vegans. From stocking stuffers to festive favourites, we’ve got an impressive list of vegan-friendly proteins, snacks, treats, and supplements ready for collection by Santa’s elves. All you need to do is scan this list for your favourite treats, then let your […]

  • How to Transition to Veganism

    Veganism is an increasingly popular movement. Currently in the UK, it is estimated that there are approximately 1.5 million vegans and vegetarians, of which around 1/3rd identify as vegan. People choose to be vegan for a number of reasons; the main two being concerns about animal welfare and suffering, and the impact animal agriculture has […]