Complete Protein Coffee™ Review: From a Coffee Lover’s Perspective

Protein Coffee Review
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Protein and real coffee in one product? What’s not to love! Coffee is a staple in many bodybuilders’ diets (for some of us, it’s practically a food group all of its own). So the idea of real coffee, mixed with protein powder, in a tailor-made blend…. intriguing.

I was excited but sceptical

As a card-carrying coffee aficionado, I admit I was excited but sceptical about the idea of a protein coffee blend. Surely the coffee chosen wouldn’t be all that great? What about mixability: wouldn’t it be clumpy? And let’s not forget the purpose of protein coffee: how would the protein fare in hot water?

As good as any instant coffee I’ve had

All my concerns were quickly put to rest: the coffee used in BULK POWDERS™ Complete Protein Coffee™ is real Columbian coffee, on a par with the premium instant coffee you might already have in your kitchen cupboard. Sure, it’s not freshly ground, homemade espresso, but then that’s not what I expected. I knew it would be instant, but was worried about taste and quality.

The verdict? Tastes great! As good as any instant coffee I’ve had, and better than a lot of them!

Developed to mix up perfectly with boiling water

What about mixability? How can you pour boiling water onto whey protein and expect it to mix smoothly without any kind of blender or shaker? BULK POWDERS™ use heat-stable Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) which has been specifically developed to mix up perfectly with boiling water: no clumping or separating. It truly does just mix up into a smooth cup (and the white coffee version looks just like regular white coffee). The addition of a small amount of MCTs help create a slightly creamy taste and mouthfeel.

The verdict? Mixes perfectly, no shaker or blender required. Just make it like a cup of instant coffee.

Lastly, doesn’t pouring boiling water on to whey isolate defeat the object? Not at all. The hydrolysed WPI used in this product is heat-stable and neither the protein levels nor amino acid content is affected by heat.

I’ll happily keep a bag of it alongside my various bags of espresso grounds

The bottom line is that nothing will convince me to give up my carefully-chosen choice of espresso grounds, but I don’t drink espresso for the same reason that I’d use this Protein Coffee. As a pre-workout, blending caffeine (in its tastiest form) and a quick blast of whey isolate, this product is not just unique, it’s brilliant. Nice work, BULK POWDERS™! I’ll happily keep a bag of it alongside my various bags of espresso grounds. After all, you can never have too much coffee… right?

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Nicola Joyce is a freelance journalist and keen sportswoman who now competes as a natural bodybuilder, recently winning a world title with the INBF.

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