Complete Greens™ – The Best Antioxidants and Superfoods

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The role of ‘Supergreens’

Antioxidant has certainly been a buzzword over the last few years. Superfoods seem to be everywhere and are positively documented in various studies relating to general health, disease prevention, anti-ageing and reducing oxidative stress caused by exercise. Basically an antioxidant is a molecule which prevents oxidation of other molecules. Oxidative stress can produce free radicals; these can damage or kill cells, causing infection and disease.

Eating a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables is best for health; with their high levels of nutrients and phytochemicals you’re giving your body the best possible chance at fighting off free radicals, ultimately maintaining good health.

Many people struggle to meet the 5-a-day goal created by the NHS. This can be due to busy lives, demanding jobs and intense workout regimes. Cost can also affect fruit and vegetable consumption.

Considering this, Complete Greens™ has been developed alongside our other fruit and vegetable powders as the perfect convenience solution. Packed with 24 nutrient dense super green foods and optimally dosed for general health and wellbeing. Ordinary is boring, we didn’t want a copycat Greens Powder that’s already on the market, we wanted to innovate. So we developed Complete Greens™ after months of research into what should go in there and at what dose, alongside referring to the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale.


Why did we decide to refer to the ORAC scale whilst formulating Complete Greens™? is a comprehensive database of foods and their antioxidant levels. The list comprises of 326 different foods along with their ORAC value which range from 312,400 to 82. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health created the ORAC scale, providing a way to measure antioxidant capacity. Although the exact link of antioxidants to health benefits has not yet fully been established, it is well documented that the foods with a higher ORAC value are most efficient at preventing negative effects of free radicals.


Total transparency with unique industry first ingredients

As usual, we have stayed loyal to our total transparency approach to ingredients and dosages when formulating Complete Greens™. Our development team researched all the possible options for our blend and what their associated health benefits were. We not only picked 24 of the best but also which are the most synergistic with one another. As a result, you’re getting a whole host of different health benefits from one serving.

All dosages were based on the amount recommended as a portion size by the 5-a-day reference. Although an 80g portion is the recommendation for 1 of your 5-a-day, the dehydrated versions we have used are so concentrated meaning it can be a much smaller serving size, with all the same nutrients.


Unique industry first Greens Powder ingredients

Considering all of the above, we feel we already stand out from the other greens products on the market. To be even more unique, we chose what we feel are some of the more distinctive ingredients with something a bit extra.

Firstly, our exclusive addition of Sumac Bran (96% tannin) was chosen as it is the top scorer on the ORAC scale, meaning its antioxidant properties beat 325 others that have been included. This is an industry first ingredient and we offer you the high tannin version, which is the most superior on offer.

Our addition of Beetroot gives a unique twist and we chose the best version with a huge 0.8% nitrates. High nitrate foods aid nitric oxide production in the cardiovascular system, increasing blood flow. This has been shown to enhance exercise performance and give you the visible ‘pump’ effect.

Lastly we have incorporated our 5 Herb Blend, which is our powerhouse of nutrition, including 5 of the 19 top ORAC scale scoring ingredients.


Buy from the Bulk Powders™ fruit and vegetable powders range

Complete Greens™ is on sale now in 100g (c. 11 servings), 500g (c. 55 servings) and 1kg (c. 110 servings) sizes starting from just £6.99. Our fruit and vegetable powders range continues to grow with the likes of Spinach Powder and Broccoli Powder also available to buy from as little as £2.99.

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