Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ and Complete High Protein Smoothie™

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NEW Complete Protein Smoothie™

Our two new and exciting protein smoothie launches are perfect springtime additions to lead us into the warmer months.

Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ and Complete High Protein Smoothie™ are both delicious, thick, fruit filled smoothies; however both have very different concepts – which smoothie will you choose?

What’s the difference between the two smoothies?

Complete Breakfast Smoothie™

Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ is exactly that, a high protein breakfast drink incorporating all of the main components of a healthy, well balanced breakfast. We use whey protein concentrate in this protein smoothie in the form of our Pure Whey Protein™.

Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ gives you the added benefit of low GI oats and psyllium husks to fuel you for the day ahead and diminish those morning hunger pangs. This smoothie can be a healthy breakfast option every morning and you always know you are getting everything you need in a healthy breakfast, with no effort or time needed!

Oats are a low GI carbohydrate source, offering you sustained energy for the rest of the day.
– Pure Whey Protein™ is our chosen protein source to give you 82% protein along with a small amount of carbs and fat.
– Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder gives our smoothies a natural flavour enhancement as well as pure fruit to add nutritional value to your breakfast drink.
– Freeze-Dried Fruit Pieces are a unique and authentic addition to our smoothies. Most other protein smoothies on the market don’t have pure fruit pieces to add to the taste experience and make it as close as possible to a real fruit smoothie.
Psyllium husks is a high soluble fibre to aid digestion and also when coupled with protein will help with satiety; perfect for a good start to your day through to lunch.
– Finally Digezyme® is our enzyme blend to aid digestion and breakdown macronutrients.

Complete High Protein Smoothie™

The other smoothie option is Complete High Protein Smoothie™ which is your high protein version for a post workout drink, but in the form of a tasty, fruit filled smoothie.

Complete High Protein Smoothie™ gives you duel protein sources of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate at 22g (as is) protein per 30g serving. This version is a perfect post workout shake in the form of a tasty, fruity smoothie!

– Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 is our 90% premium protein with low carbs, fat and lactose levels.
– Pure Whey Protein™ is our ‘gold standard’ protein, 82% protein and rich in BCAAs and Glutamine for repairing and building muscle tissue.
– Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder is a premium fruit powder packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as being a great flavour enhancer.
– Freeze-Dried Fruit Pieces are the unique part which completes the whole smoothie experience.
– Digezyme® will help your body to digest the protein more efficiently.

Plentiful premium natural freeze dried fruit

Both incorporate the natural freeze-dried fruit, in the form of powder and pieces which are what really makes these different to others. We have used the premium freeze-dried form which is a superior method to spray drying as the fruit is picked when they are in season and fully ripe. The process removes all the moisture but keeps all the nutritional goodness of what it had at the point of freezing.

We have also added in a plentiful amount of natural freeze-dried fruit, not just a sprinkling. Every mouthful should be as fruit-filled as the next and, with the perfect texture, it makes them both satisfyingly filling drinks without a nasty gloopy experience you sometimes get with others.

Protein smoothie recipes

So two great tasting smoothies, choose the one most suited to you and your lifestyle to get the most out of them and enjoy the smoothie experience!

Add our Chia Seeds into your smoothies too for even more nutrition benefits.

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