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Last month we were contacted by Martyn Seddon. Up until a few years ago Martyn was in pretty bad shape. He was overweight and couldn’t run any distance at all without feeling out of breath. But rather than just let his health deteriorate, Martyn decided to make a positive change to his lifestyle. His first action was to buy a bike…and the rest as they say, is history!

It’s fair to say however that Martyn has gone beyond the call of duty. Not only is he now more active, he’s training to compete in as many duathlons, triathlons and sportive’s as he can in an effort to raise money for the MS Society which is a charity very close to his heart. He’s lost a load of weight, has quit smoking and he genuinely feels like a new man.

We recently spoke to Martyn, having just finished this first sportive (New Forest Sportive 100 – a 100 mile bike event) and this is what he had to say about his journey so far:

What made you decide to make a change?

A few years ago I was overweight, unfit and unhappy. I’d tried all sorts; weight training, running, athletics, everything and anything but nothing seemed to work. I had no motivation and nothing to aim for. Even though in my head I thought things would improve, they didn’t, and I couldn’t seem to do what I set out to achieve.

So I decided to make a change, set myself a real target. It all started in 2012. I remember being in Hyde Park watching Sir Bradley Wiggins win the Time Trial Gold medal and thinking to myself, I want to do that, not so much win a gold medal (not at my age) but ride a bike like a pro!

A year later and I was crook at home with a slipped disc in my neck, I’d bought a bike and had been riding and was getting more and more into it as the weeks went on. The time off work meant I could sit and watch the Tour de France and see Chris Froome win the yellow jersey. I knew at this point that once my neck was better I was going to make a real effort to do something about my state of fitness.

The plan was cooking in my head and soon enough I was ready to put it into action!

What challenges have you faced?

Physically I was massively overweight and unfit. I could barely run 1 mile without having to stop and catch my breath! I was like a front loaded hippo that decided running was a good idea. I had crook knees and really struggled to get running and keep running.

Mentally I knew what I had to do and how to do it but I was struggling badly. I’d go for a run or a ride or a swim and be self-conscious about how I looked and what others thought. I knew what I should be eating but never did. I was smoking 20 a day which I knew wasn’t helping but I wasn’t in the frame of mind to quit. It was hard, real hard BUT I knew what I needed to do!!!

I eventually couldn’t care less what others thought or how I looked I just had to do it! I had quit smoking and was trying to eat better, things were heading in the right direction for me. The weight was dropping and I felt fitter.

Tell us about your association with the MS Society

I can’t remember when or how old I was when my parents sat me down and told me that my Mum had MS. I’ll be honest at the time I had no idea what it was or even why they were telling me. The only thing I remember vividly from the conversation was that my Mum was ill.

Over the years I started to notice why I’d been told. My Mum was in constant pain. Some days she could barely move. I remember being told that the way things were she could end up in a wheelchair. But it never stopped her. She never let it win. She always made sure me and my sisters had what we needed. She never let her condition stop her. There were days of course where she couldn’t get out of bed or move her arms but again she always made sure things were done for us. The pain was evident but she was a fighter!

Even today she struggles and seems to get worse as the months pass. Never has she complained or asked for anything from anyone, that’s why it’s important to me to do this.

Recently a close friend of mine was also diagnosed with MS, but his was more aggressive to the point where he was in a wheelchair within months rather than years. But again nothing would get in his way. He took on every challenge thrown at him. He travels the world with Help for Heroes, competing in events of all kinds. He recently took part in the Invictus Games winning gold in the wheelchair rugby.

The fact that nothing stops him in his condition gives me the motivation I need to push through my challenges whilst raising as much money as possible for MS Society in the process.

How have supplements helped you along the way?

I use supplements to give my body the correct nutrients required to get the most out of my training. Increasing my protein intake before and after training has improved my strength tenfold and my endurance has improved hugely. I believe that together with the correct diet and supplement intake I can get fitter and stronger in no time.

What are your plans for late 2014/2015?

2015 will be an epic year for me. I intend to take part in the following events:

  • 26th October – Pewsey Vale Rode It 80
  • 15th March 2015 – Longleat Half Marathon
  • 29th March – Bicester Triathlon
  • 12th April – Weymouth Triathlon
  • 26th April – Southampton Triathlon
  • 4th May – Winchester Triathlon
  • 24th May – Windsor Half Marathon
  • 2nd August – Ride London
  • 13th Septemner – Nantwich Triathlon
  • 4th October – Bournemouth Marathon

I’ve never done a triathlon or a half marathon, let alone a marathon. Training will be tough and long but with the right support I know I can do it.

Good luck!

Everyone at BULK POWDERS™ would like to wish Martyn luck on his fitness journey. You’ve already achieved so much and we look forward to seeing you achieve even more in the future, raising money for the MS Society along the way. For anyone out there thinking about making a change, do what Martyn did and get after it! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and commit yourself 100%.

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